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Child Sexual Abuse Every Day in the Green Commune

Edit: here's a summary from the German newspaper from on conditions in a Child Commune by a Green Executive Memeber. [Photo: 'Die Welt'.]  No wonder the Greens, including Volker Beck, have been trying to distance themselves from this.

Green Molester-Commune

In a former school camp on the Dachsberg near Kamp-Lintfort close to the Dutch border, the Alternative-Left rehearsed the sexual revolution with daily child abuse.
The head of "Community of Life" was the late architect Hermann Meer.
He was a member of the State Executive Committee [Landesvorstand] of the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia from 1980.
The Commune belonged outwardly to Emmaus Community that relied on the selfless Frenchman, Father Pierre. They had nothing in common besides this.
They played the social reformers, were anti-authoritarian, non-violent and sexually liberated. Esoteric, self-awareness troops and primal scream therapy were at a premium. A perfect example of the left hippie generation.
Here also prominent "Greens" met on the way to "anti-nuclear demonstrations."
The Child Molester Reality
Hermann "Meer, wore his pedophilia openly for  show. Since there was no secret of it, but it was even advertised. Even the Greek philosophers had had their sexual pleasure with boys and dealing with their students. These were sentences that were commonplace for me,  facts so to speak, since no one had objected." Says an abuse victim for  "Die Welt".
Relevant articles were always articles tried out for size. And images of David Hamilton's "Bilitis", "latent pedophile" soft porn, who reported the sexual experiences of a 13 year old.

"Green" -Executive Hermann Heer- a Gay Pedophile

In contrast to the child abuse commune of Otto Muehl in Austrian Burgenland,  the 60-year-old pervert Meer was exclusive to boys.
The sexual assaults took place daily. Even guest children were not spared.

Police Sought Child Molester

Meer was not an isolated case. Thus, a child molester sought by the police, who sympathized with the RAF [Rote Armee Fraktion], lived at the Commune.  His preference for children was well-known in the Commune - the younger, the better: those at ten years of age were quite to his sexual tastes.

"Children and Youth Congress" of the "Green"

On the 24th  and 25th of September, 1983  the "Greens" in the child abuse commune were directed to form a "Children and Youth Congress".
Of the party: the occupants of the Commune "City Slickers" from Nuremberg. Their main demand was the legalization of child abuse.
They discussed whether the statute should be at age six, eight or twelve years.
This "Congress" was organized by Werner Vogel, since 1980 a member of the NRW state board of the "Greens".  As these moved in 1983 to the Bundestag, he delivered the first speech of a "Green" in the Bundestag. It was his Nazi past which ended his career, not his perversions.

Working Group "Gays and Pedophiles"

The "Groundwork"  was determined on the 9th of March 1985, in the electoral program of the "Green" in NRW.
The election was lost, the pederasts were still to be  suffered for some years by the "Greens"

Fund for the Victims of the "Greens"?

Now one asks himself: Where's the fund for the victims of the "Greens" for those who were defiled by the party functionaries of the "Greens"?

Link to

Daily Sexual Abuse at Green Commune in Die Welt in German.

Edit: Here's an excerpt from a article on the Green's pedophilia past in June which featured a speech by Dr. Erika Steinbach in the Bundestag  in 2010 on the hypocritical position of the "Greens" on child abuse.

In an interview by "Deutschlandfunk" on the 1st of April, 2011, Erika Steinbach, a Conservative German politician, aptly described the Greens:  "The Greens have appointed a Foreign Minister, who had a violent past" -- and further:  "They have a stately number of proponents of pedophilia in their ranks, including Volker Beck at certain times.

Note: Volker Beck has won the support of the German Bishops to go on a hunt for recently, when the Traditionalist website came under attack after stating that a decadent German comedian was in hell.  The German Bishops has the most revolutionary Bishop's conference in the world.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say. I didn't know how bad it is. What is wrong with the laws and law enforcement agencies in Germany? Are they really too busy worrying over the Muslim question and hunting Nazis? And beings continuously extorted by the E.U. and the Eternal Reparations Committee. What even is the age of consent to be violated in Germany? Why are these known child abusers not in jail much less having seats in the bundestag? Does all this speak to a shamed society, a shameful society? Both.

Tancred said...

Why didn’t Allen Ginsberg or a host of other perverts who were clearly preying on children go to prison?

Indeed, why isn’t Cohn-Bendit or Roman Polanski in prison?

We ran an article a long time ago which featured the past of a Jesuit novice who had at one time given an interview to a leading member of NAMBLA and coordinated a protest against police action against perverts using public restrooms for their acts of depravity along with the head of the Communist Party locally.

There was very little interest in the story and despite enormous lawsuits against the Jesuit Order in Oregon, no action was taken by the Jesuits, despite the fact that the pervert in question was already working with “at risk youth” as part of his training in the Novitiate.

The Jesuit only left several months later, apparently under his own initiative.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Isn't it really the truth that societies at large
(not all members, definitely) have always devalued children?

Tancred said...

Childhood wasn't as long as it is now. Once upon a time, people who are now considered children, fought wars, led armies, ran companies and explored the world.

I think the response to these kinds of monsters varied with the times. The prevailing "wisdom" of the 50s and 60s was tainted by this notion that we were nothing more than animals with deterministic drives and that complicated how sexual interactions were perceived. Of course, not everyone was so moved and there were problems when the Beatles came to Minnesota and were basically accused of statutory rape by police officials. One of the band member's pathetic response was filled with self-justification and priggish libertinism.

Anonymous said...

Certainly standards and laws have varied with times and cultures. Young soldiers have been sometimes necessary and sometimes shamelessly used by the many numbers for the aims and interests of the few, the powerful. It has been the same with child labor both slave and free. And accordingly the sexual use (misuse, abuse of children. I'm not defending the or a Beatle(s) but the unhappy truth is most likely they were mere products of their environment. Even before fame, drugs, the culture of the times. They seem to have been in working class, knocking around without mothers
situations. Child sexual misuse happens in all times and strata but in the said environment it happens more pervasively. No this is not a defense but an absolute criticism. And in every time and place more should be done to curtail this crime and it should always be criminal.
And now here were are in this modern "enlightened" age and the state is insistent to supply ever younger children contraceptives and abortive methods which can allow more sexual abuse.

Tancred said...

Too bad there isn't a way for children sexually abused by the Beatles to sue the record companies and Promoters.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you said that. You must be a genius because it seems no one else has ever thought of it. I hadn't. Too bad you aren't a lawyer. Are you? Well who knows. Maybe hush monies were paid a long time ago.