Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pope to French Parliamentarians --- Act on "Gay Marriage... Override it again"

(Rome) Pope Francis has urged the French parliamentarians he received, by quite frankly telling them to "override" the already adopted law legalizing "gay marriage" again. Laws must be overridden if they are not "possessed of the necessary quality that elevates and ennobles man", said the head of the Catholic Church. The Pope was referring to the law on "gay marriage," the law of adoption for gays, abortion and euthanasia. [Aka Taubira's Law]

He reminded the MEPs that they must engage in legislation "not only the ideas and fashions of the moment". The Catholic Church is willing "to contribute to basic questions that allow a more complete picture of man and his destiny." The Pope addressed the members of a large Vatican friendship group of Parisian deputies, as he received them on Saturday at the Vatican.

The meeting with the deputies had been expected with anticipation because of the simmering for months in France dispute over the "gay marriage", which was recently legalized by the Socialist majority in the French Senate and the National Assembly. Without explicitly interfering in domestic issues, the Pope gave his rejection of "gay marriage" to recognize adoption rights for gays, abortion and euthanasia clearly.

The pontiff stressed the principle of secularity of the French state could "mean no hostility towards religion, and not their exclusion from social life and the debates held there." The Pope showed himself pleased, addressing the mass rallies Manif Pour Tous, without naming them by name, "about the fact that the community of the French has rediscovered a certain image of man and his dignity" representing the will "of the Church and others".

Millions of people have since the fall of 2012, protested with the participation of many church groups in Paris, and many other cities to protest against the introduction of "gay marriage".

A note in its own right, [from Mr. Giuseppe Nardi to his German readers]. We apologize for the initially muted coverage of the statements of the Pope to the deputies. It was based on the report of the German editors of Radio Vatican, where the content and scope Pope words were either not understood or was deliberately trying to downplay this possible.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: L'Osservatore Romano Link to katholisches... Editor's note: let's face it, Radio Vatican's coverage usually leaves a lot to be desired and a lot of it never makes it into English.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to be watching the German editors
much more closely. And what Pope Francis now says is very good but has he and the Curia previously given the French Bishops the same directions? The horse out of the barn is always a big problem.

Anonymous said...

The pope should stick to his discourse about poverty, and not infringe into the democratic processes of a foreign country. It's clearly none of his business to advise parliamentarians to override a law which is the expression of a democratic decision. France is not the Vatican, and he certainly isn't a moral reference, as Jesus said to love one another, and not to create differences, divisions and to treat gay brothers and sisters differently. Francis should clean up his church first before attempting to give others advice on how to run their democracies.

Tancred said...

The Papacy is a sovereign nation, but even if that weren't the case, the Pope would still have an obligation to defend the truth.

You should mind your own business and stop trying to meddle in the affairs of the Papacy and how they conduct their business.

P.J.David said...

It is God given Authority to the Pope;he represents God as HIS Vicar.It is the duty of the Pope to advise the French parlimentarians.

The country is enacting laws against God's commandments.God is our creator and we are his creatures and we belong to him.The immorality will not be tolerated by HIM.He is patient with us but if we do not care for God or his vicar punishments are imminent.

Anonymous said...


CJ said...

Exactly, Mr. David. The pope represents the only Authority on earth and he has a duty and obligation to speak out to all minor authorities such as secular world governments. And his own bishops for that matter.

schmenz said...

Anonymous at 12:00 am:

I'm afraid you are a sadly misguided individual, and I say that in all charity. If the Church followed your recipe (which, tragically in many areas, it does) the entire Christian civilization would collapse.

You may want to re-think your position, after reading and reflecting on the writings of solid Catholic thinkers.

James said...

Frankie should quit meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. He is not King of France, and the Papacy no longer possesses Avignon; so he has no right whatever to tell the lawfully-elected representatives to act as Papal fifth columnists against the laws passed in their state. What he is advising is too close for comfort to sedition.

This is the kind of interference and arrogance that makes Protestants in various countries jittery about Papal power - why should they not be jittery, when the Papacy behaves in this disgraceful manner ? If the laws are objectionable, it is no solution whatever to advise objectionable behaviour to get rid of them. No wonder Jesuits had a bad name for being under-handed :(

Tancred said...

It's in the nature of the Papacy to "meddle" in the affairs of Princes, who are actually subject to him as Christ's Vicar.