Friday, June 7, 2013

Muslims Attack Catholic Seminary: Rector and Seminarians Wounded

Edit: we're straining to recall when Catholics have visited violence on a Muslim seminary.

(Dhaka) Several dozen Islamists attacked a Catholic seminary in northern Bangladesh. The Rector, Father Uzzal and several seminarians were injured. The incident took place yesterday, Thursday, in Bolakipur in the Diocese of Dinajpur.

Previously, Muslims had already attacked the majority Catholic village of Tivipara-Bagja. They plundered the village and robbed the cattle. They also threatened this past May to burn the village down. Women and children of the area have taken flight to nearby Catholic mission stations.

Since the beginning of the month, attacks by Muslims against Christians have increased. On the 5th of June the parish of Tumilia had been the object of an attack in which the Pastor, Abel, together with the religious, were injured and robbed. Link to katholisches...

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Anonymous said...

Shades of yesteryear. Where is a Pope Eugenius III when we need one?

Anonymous said...

Low-life brutal thugs. What kind of parents do these kind of
people have? In some cases none I guess. It's all complicated I know but even so, depravity is a perverse