Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cardinal Husar's Views on Aberromarriage

Edit: the retired  Lubomyr Cardinal Husar was born in Lviv on February 26th 1933.  He resigned in 2011 due to ill health and is currently Archeparch Emeritus.   To the credit of the Holy See he was ordained a Bishop in 1977 by Major Archbishop Josyf Slipyj without papal permission.  There were no excommunications. 

He was made apostolic administrator of the Ukrainian Greek Major-Archeparchy of Lviv in December of 2000.  In January of 2001, the Ukrainian Greek synod elected him Major Archbishop.  On February 21st Pope John Paul II created and proclaimed Husar Cardinal-Priest of Santa Sofia a Via Boccea.    He participated in the papal conclave of 2005.

The Cardinal has been known for years as an Old Liberal with controversial positions on various issues and so we've decided to feature some of his writings in a series without a lot of comment.  We feel they speak for themselves. It's interesting that the current Patriarch has distanced himself somewhat from ++Husar's irenicism. The book is Conversations with Lubomyr Cardinal Husar: Towards a Post-confessional Christianity by Antoine Arjakovsky, Ukrainian Catholic University Press, 2007.

He might be surprised to learn he agrees with a certain depraved American pop star.

Much has been said about the recognition of homosexual

Homosexuality to my mind is nothing new. The only problem is
that it has become very vocal, out of proportion, to my mind. Nobody
is responsible for one’s homosexuality. They simply are born that way.
And they have to face this reality, unfortunately, as it is. I feel very
sorry for these people because they are unable to experience conjugal
love, which is love that is fruitful. God created men and women for
them to have children together. Homosexuals cannot accomplish that;
in this sense their love remains sterile. If they insist on living together,
fine. But they cannot pretend that this is marriage. I also have serious
doubts about their capacity to raise children, because then a child will
grow up with homosexual tendencies. But the problem has become
terribly noisy as if half of the world consisted of homosexuals. They
are a tiny minority in humanity. And we should recognize their suf-
fering, their rights, and that’s it.

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  1. I hope you know that Eastern Catholic Churches don't need papal authority to ordain men to the episcopate according to canon law and tradition...

  2. The point of the article was to point out his weird views on homosexuality, which are NOT in line with Catholic teaching. "If they insist on living together, then fine"

    Really? then "fine"????

  3. Is it possible that such an aged, high-ranking cleric, holding such high dignities, could make such a stupid statement as that homosexuals "are born that way"?

    What is it about that particular mortal sin that seems to cast a veil of ignorance over the minds and good judgment of people?

  4. Nobody is responsible for one’s homosexuality. They simply are born that way.

    So, he's bought into the fallacy that homosexuality is somehow genetic? Aside from the context of original sin no one is "born that way", buy that reasoning other sinners such as thieves, adulterers, murderers etc are "born that way". This false reasoning ultimately takes away free will from homosexuals, they can't help themselves because they were born that way. What utter garbage. I haven't heard anything like this since I listened to a sycophant of Bill Clinton talk about how he just couldn't help himself when he was near women to whom he wasn't married. As St. Augustine said that a man has as many masters as he has vices. The so-called sexual revolution / liberation of the 1960s merely enslaved millions to their sexual passions, it's an easy way to have control over people but have many of them actually like it (see Brave New World).
    If people can't separate sympathy for the sinner from the sin any reasoning is false.

  5. They might as well just say all traits and tendencies and are congenital. I guess
    they would be right i.e. Original Sin. But in this logic and theology they need to call all sin Sin.

    1. If my comment was not clear I meant all Bishops need to call Sin, Sin. The person committing sin is
      responsible. Murderers, adulterers, sodomites etc.
      Original Sin is congenital in all.

  6. By the way, he was consecrated without papal mandate because they were under Communism.

  7. So...does this mean that Fr. Kovpak's excommunication valid?

  8. I'm sure "Lady" Gaga would be thrilled to hear this. =(