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Jewish Serial Murderer Delivers "Justice" as the Austrian Media Cheers

Working Class Son of Vienna is proud to have been a participant
in murders, of people identified as NS-criminals by Communist Partisans
The Television Film "Killing Nazis" Glorifies the Liquidation of alleged "NS-Hoods" by "Jewish Brigades" After the End of the Second World War.

Leftist Prole from Vienna Working Class Neighborhood Ottakring

"Inglorious Basterd" is how broadcaster "3sat" described the multiple, extrajudicial murderer, Zionist Alfred Müller,  drawing from the Quentin Tarantino film.

Alfred Müller was born in 1921, after a break in school in 1935, began his study as a locksmith. By his own admission, he was "kicked out" on the day of the invasion of German troops in Austria. Maybe because he was of Jewish descent, perhaps because absentee students are done little good by school.

His father was an active Socialist party member and active in the Schutzbund, the political wing of Austria's Socialists. In February 1934, the Schutzbund tried in vain to launch a coup in Austria.

Like many Jews he was "never interested" in religion. His Jewish parents would not survive the time of the National Socialists.

At 17 years old, he leaves his parents remaining in Austria in March 1939, and moved to Palestine with the Zionist youth, where he settled on Kibbutz Kfar Menachem (a kind of collective farm Communist model), and was called, Chaim Miller.

"Jewish Brigade Group" sings songs SA

The British recruited around 40 Jews for acts of sabotage behind the German front lines. Chaim Müller reported for the "Jewish Brigade Group," from 1944 it was part of the 8 British Army.

It was then that they were "'trained' as real Nazis, sang SA songs, which Chaim Müller still has mastered. He has kept to this day the swastika armband.

Right after the war ...

As the (apparently perennial) training was completed - the war was at an end. This only reinforced Miller's anti-fascist struggle. As the British used the heroic Zionist troops, it was not on German territory, but in the "Italian" Camporosso ("Campo Rosso") is stationed in Tarvisio, they decorated their trucks with the battle cry "Deutschland Kaputt! Kein Reich! Kein Führer! The Jews are coming!".

In a solemn flag-raising ceremony the "Twelve Commandments of the Hebrew soldiers on German soil" were read. It went: "do not smirch the honor and do not mix up with the Germans."

Broadcaster "3sat" continued: "Chaim Miller, he is now 24 years old and recognizes that his parents have probably not survived the Holocaust. He wants to do something. [...] So he chose members of the, German Detachment 'to take revenge together'. 'Because it can not be that easy to get away with.' The planned vigilantism is voluntary, 'But there was no one there, who did not want to join..' "

Communist partisans provide lists of names

The revenge troops received a list of 700 "named perpetrators" from the Communist Yugoslav partisans (currently the northern region of Slovenia) which at that time made of Lower Styria a slaughterhouse and a variety of mass graves (in 2009, 600 them were found) with an estimated 100,000 to 300,000 killed, alleged Nazi collaborators and anti-Communist (usually Catholic) class enemies, while here the 700 aforementioned in the south of Austria fell apparently to no consequence.

Specialty of the Communist Partisans: The "condemned" class enemies, were bound with wire, thrust into a mine shaft, while hand grenades were thrown in, then the access was closed with gravel and paved over (see: A Gruesome Discovery in Mine )

Zionist war crimes - The Secret Action "Nakam" (revenge)

In the following weeks, the revenge Zionists go in threes, disguised as a British military policeman, nightly in Austria to "visit" the people who were named by the partisans.

"We have invited them as British soldiers for interrogation," said Chaim Müller. As soon as the men climbed into the truck, they were tied up and covered, returned to Italy across the border. There they are 'held' out in the woods near Malborghetto where the Jewish soldiers were stationed.

"We had no witnesses ..."

An "ordinary" Jewish war criminal court requires only a truncated investigation: "We had no proper tools, we only knew what we were told. But in most cases the perpetrators did not deny"- just perfect persuasion.

Who Sees the Difference to the Concentration Camp Thugs?

After the interrogation, the vigilantes take the "condemned" out of the hut where they dig their own graves. "If it was deep enough, I said, stand up in there ', then I pulled the gun, the shot falls and he lays down, then we cover him and go back."

"We Only Regret That We Didn't Do More."

How many National Socialists were murdered in this way has not yet been explored. "We only regret that we have not done more. But we were just too limited in our actions", reports the proud Jewish serial killer.

And what did he feel? "Well, that's it!"

Celebrated Serial Killer

While former concentration camp cooks are taken from old age homes and brought to justice, the self-described serial killer Alfred Müller aka, Chaim Miller, lives unmolested by the judiciary and boasts of his deeds.

In an ORF visit to the kibbutz south of Tel Aviv, Chaim Müller dons the Nazi swastika armband and sings the Horst Wessel song , which he also demonstrated for visiting magazine "Profil" in 2009.

Understanding [if not sympathy] for the murders was clearly explained by Jewish immigrant Doron Rabinovici in the pro-Jewish newspaper "Der Standard", "He sought immediate justice. [...] What Miller did was not revenge. " In 2009 Chaim Muller was guest of honor on a May 1st parade held Vienna, by the Austrian Socialist Party. In the context of "Letter to The Stars" he was brought to a number of Austrian schools to report of his "exploits".

  Link to

Another article about the slaughter of Germans in Yugoslavia by Tito's government after the war, which included also, Archbishop Zollitsch's own brother.



Anonymous said...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Similar
events organized by various factions took place through-out Europe. There were nearly as many Jews with no patriot loyalty to the country
they lived in as Jews in service to their country. Large numbers of Jews worked in various capacities for ideology. Zion idea-
ology, anti-Zion ideology, Russian Soviet Communism, European Communism, Western ideology.
Western ideology last because though they had lived in these Western Nations for centuries or
lesser generations or decades they first, foremost were Jews. In large Ethnic first and foremost rather than Religious first and foremost. Jewish Identity then as now.
There are many chapters in this historical saga.
So may chapters have been effectively hidden from most people. When not effectively hidden
from some persons engaged in history and history
studies and general interest, these hidden chapters are persistently denied and subject of attempted
suppression. World War 11 History has been the most successful propaganda effort ever.
Thank you for this Post.

Anonymous said...

Jews are and have been as much or more given to utter brutality as have any peoples. This post cites an example.
Before the commencement of WW11 there were Jews in Palestine
ethnically cleansing the population preparing the ground for
the New Zion. Continuing the ethnic cleansing during and even immediately after the "Colossally" exaggerated Holocaust. People need to wake-up and stop giving Israel a free pass and money and soldiers to die in the interest of
their vile State.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Zionist Jews were anti because they saw the Zionist
movement as being facilitated by anti-Semitic Europeans.
Now that too has been rewritten. The fact is that they weren't anti-Zionism. They were anti anti-Semitism. Then and now. The definition of anti-Semitism that has been constructed is problematic, As is the definition of Semite

Whoever said...

"But in most cases the perpetrators did not deny"

Sound jurisprudence, if you're a thug.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 25 May 7:45, I've seen you before. A tell the truther I call you. Cheers.