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Is it an Exorcism or Not? Video of Pope Francis.

Exorzismus durch Papst Franziskus oder nicht

(Rome) For several days, the  media and people, believers and unbelievers,  have been preoccupied with a prayer as Pope Francis spoke to a man in a wheelchair. If it was an exorcism? Or not? This page can not resolve the issue, but so far it makes available unreleased video footage. Father Juan Rivas, a Legionary of Christ, who accompanied the patient was - after the matter - reached by the media - on June 9th is likely to hold a Los Angeles press conference about the incident, to create clarity.
The news of exorcism came from SAT2000, the television station of the Italian Bishops' Conference. The station therefore dubs its broadcast, Vade retro, which deals with the devil, demonic possession and the phenomenon of the occult in the broadest sense of the word.

Father Lombardi's quick disclaimer: fear of media because exorcism is a scandal?

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denied it. It was not the intention of the pope was to perform some exorcism, but only to pray for suffering people. Shortly afterwards, the chief editor of SAT2000, Dino Boffo had to back down and apologize for the premature headline of an alleged exorcism.
On the one hand, the media rushed to the exorcism story, at the same time they also attacked the Catholic broadcaster after Lombardi's sharp denial, just as if they would have had to defend the pope against the incomprehensible assertion that he could have prayed for an exorcism. In the journalists jargon it sounds, using the example of Business Radio24: "Pope Francis accused of exorcism, but Lombardi denied". The Exorcism as a scandal.

Exorcist Gabriele Amorth: "It was an exorcism" - 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Another view is the doyen of Italian exorcists, Gabriele Amorth, who declared that the Pope had "really performed an exorcism" . He himself, Amorth, knows the man and has personally performed an exorcism on him. The man was possessed by four demons.
Monsignor Attilio Cavalli, the exorcist of the Diocese of Rome said: "In all probability, the Pope spoke a healing or deliverance prayer of the man who is to emphasize - or not exorcism exorcism - the importance of prayer. The prayer is generally an act of praise and a plea for help, but in some cases also a form of exorcism: all I know what to think, but even a simple Our Father contains an exorcism. "
Amorth reported at an earlier time by another episode that concerned Pope Benedict XVI.. In May 2009, two possessed persons were brought by Amorth  to the general audience of the Pope in St. Peter's Square. When Benedict XVI. this sector of the square of the distance and approached the people blessed, became beside themselves ( reported ). Even then, when the incident was reported by media in 2010,  Vatican spokesman Lombardi denied it. The message that the Pope had performed an exorcism was unfounded, because the Pope was not informed about the presence of these men.
In both cases, Father Lombardi tried to minimize any resemblance of each to a form of exorcism. The reason might be some concern about the media wolves who lie in wait, to put the church under an indictment of an alleged "Dark Ages".

Full video - "Church works closely with doctors and psychiatrists"

The Church would do well to avoid any sensationalism. The rite of exorcism is powerful, because it banishes the devil and demons. But it is not suitable for the television cameras. This specific case proves it.  Finally, the subject has a right to protect his privacy. The object belongs to the public, but not the specific individual case, so we apologize for the publication of original videos from the party concerned. It seems to us in this particular case, since the matter is already in all media, only necessary.
The Bishop of Padua, Antonio Mattiazzo declared on a current occasion, that the Church works closely on issues of actual or perceived obsession with doctors and psychiatrists. Only when all natural explanations can be ruled out, does the exorcist make an appearance. "It is often the responsibility conscientious psychiatrists themselves who send their patients to the priests. It's important that we don't see the devil everywhere. "

Father Juan Rivas LC: Press conference for 9 Announced in June in Los Angeles

Facebookseite von Pater Juan RivasIt is considered a masterpiece of the devil to make people believe he does not exist. Equally worrying was the impression that he would come into appearance only in the form of visible spectators causing obsession. Also would like a marginalization, thereby trivializing, since the average person could not feel affected by it.
Father Juan Rivas, a Legionary of Christ, is the priest who accompanied the man in the wheelchair. On his Facebook page, he confirmed that it was a man possessed, conveyed by how he responded to the Pope, as seen on the video. What the Pope had prayed, he did not know. But surely there had been a prayer of liberation.[!]

Libera nos a malo - Exorcism is our father prayed with each

And this is probably the decisive point. If you understand only an exorcism only as a great exorcism, then it is clear that it has as little with what Pope Francis performed, as in 2009, with Pope Benedict XVI.. However, the Our Father also has an exorcism  included when it is in the final verse: sed libera nos a malo. In English, it is rendered as "deliver us from evil." It is about the dimension of evil which is personified like the good. A dimension that is at least become the rational European thought away, so the ideas of what is evil, as well as what an exorcism is, are blurred and unclear and often rejected as "medieval superstition".
It's not the prayer of liberation by the Pope which is quite surprising, even though the media is grabbing at it, but our rational distance, which has displaced the phenomenon of evil, as if by these means you can get rid of it. Second, the so astonishingly quick distancing by the Vatican spokesperson, and then perforce, also some Catholic media.

Exorcism, liberation and healing prayer - What is horrifying to imagine, that priests fully exercise their special service?

What is frightening at the idea that a priest, in this case even the Pope as supreme priest, that his special priestly ministry exercised in full? The Pope has laid hands on  a sufferer and prayed for him.  A completely normal and at the same time powerful process in the Church. No reason really to try the press room of the Vatican and the Editors of Catholic media for official denials.
The dimension of evil is real, and the church has the more powerful means of grace, however.
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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Screenshot / Video CTV

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Anonymous said...

Of course it is an exorcism. The pope's smile disappeared the instant the priest whispered to him about the man and he looked immediately back to the man and had grave concern on his face. The demon did not react to the pope's touch or when the man kissed his ring but ONLY after the pope prayed. The pope prolonged the time his hands were on the man's head, his hands followed the man's body as he slumped in the chair. Afterward he does not tenderly touch the man nor smile at him or even look at him directly.

That was absolutely an exorcism. What is Fr. Lombardi afraid of?

Anonymous said...

He is afraid of Satan possessed Media. The biggest and most
powerful Army, instrument of Satan's War against God in the world today. Pray for Fr. Lombardi that he not succumb to Satan but that he is strengthened as a Soldier of Christ.
Thank you Tancred in God's Truth nay Satan's Lies.