Wednesday, May 29, 2013

State Court Fines Christian Homeschoolers in Germany

Edit: considering the previous story, which featured a chaotic and spiritually poisonous setting for what appear to be Catholic school children, we thought this story was also apropos in light of Germany's government controlled education monopoly.

Couple does not want their nine children to be raised by strangers.

Fritzlar / Homberg ( / idea ) A Christian couple from the North Hessian town of Homberg has been fighting for 20 years against compulsory education. Because Thomas (51) and Marit Foam (47) teach their children at home illegally, the district court sentenced Fritzlar to a fine of 700 Euros on the 22nd of May. The prosecution had required a sentence of six months, since he is a repeat offender. Already twice before the parents have been sentenced to fines. They justify their homeschooling with  their religious faith. They could not take the responsibility to  place their children in someone else's hands or into the "dubious surroundings" of a school. In addition, the father has criticized the early childhood sex education and the teaching of evolution in biology classes, the statements which contradict  the statements of the Bible.

The couple has nine children, three of which are of school age. The five oldest are 17-25 years old, the youngest is two years old. The older children were taught by their parents, who have then each attended  the last school year and made top grades with elementary or secondary school.

 Daughter Marit (25) considers the behavior of her parents "very good," she told the local press. She works as an administrative professional employees in Homberger City Hall and takes part in a training course as a business administrator. For good performance, she receives a scholarship.

The couple announced in the courtroom that they wanted to take action against the judge saying: "We will carry on as before."  They want to decide on educational goals and the educational climate.

Will state agencies regulate?

At the trial, an employee of the School Board had stated that her office was moved to make a civil complaint because of the  violation of the compulsory education. The youth welfare office has had parents certify in writing not to endanger the child's welfare. The family live in orderly conditions. Also, the home schooling is orientated to the school curriculum.   Judge Marion Riechers also read a letter from the youth office to the school office. This shows that both offices do not want to criminalize the parents. According to the Ministry of Culture in Wiesbaden in Hessen, three families teach their children at home for religious reasons.


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What is wrong with Germany?

Anonymous said...

German children have to go to school. So as a German Jew put it, "so they can be taught of Germany's Original Sin".

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Correction: "So they WILL be taught...".

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It is for the childrens own good because if they are not taught this theology, when they get older they will not know what the theology is and what the law is and they will be at
risk of getting fined 20,000 or 30,000 Euros and going to prison
for a few or more than a few years