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324 Cardinals and Bishops and Summorum Pontificum -- The Silent Victory March of the Traditional Liturgy

[Katholisches] Since the coming into force of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI. in 2007,  324 Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church have celebrated the Holy Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite or have attended such (those before the effective date are not covered).

Since our last publication of the directory beginning of January 2012 , which contained the names of 254 cardinals and bishops,  70 high prelates were also added.

A largely self-evident situation with the Motu Proprio and the "Old Mass" is had by the bishops in France, the USA and Australia, where many pastors already celebrated even in the traditional form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or such attended and offered the Sacraments.

In German-speaking countries, some bishops seem  more reluctant to do so. Among the currently reigning diocesan bishops in the Federal Republic of Germany,  only four have celebrated the Holy Mass in the extraordinary form or attended such, of which, however, only two have been added in recent months.  In Austria and Switzerland, alas, still only one. The Principality of Liechtenstein looks completely different because, as the only bishop in the country, Archbishop Wolfgang Haas promotes the right of both forms of the Roman rite equally.

The Spanish blog Acción Liturgica has published the following list, also supplementing and correcting some information. Thank you for any information on additions and corrections.

FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY: Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (former President of the Pontifical Commission of Historians), Ackermann (Bishop of Trier), Dick (retired auxiliary bishop of Cologne), Hanke (Bishop of Eichstätt), Mixa (retired bishop of Augsburg), Ostermann (em . Auxiliary Bishop of Münster), Overbeck (Bishop of Essen), Ziegelbauer (former Auxiliary Bishop of Augsburg), Zdarsa (Bishop of Augsburg)

AUSTRIA: Cardinal Stickler (+2007), Laun (Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg), Louis Marie Black (Bishop of Linz)

SWITZERLAND: Farine (Auxiliary Bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg), Genoud (Bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg, +2010), Huonder (Bishop of Chur), Perisset (Apostolic Nuncio in the Federal Republic of Germany)

LIECHTENSTEIN: Haas (Archbishop of Vaduz)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Nsue Edjang (Bishop of Ebebiyin)

ARGENTINA: Baseotto (retired Bishop Castrense de Argentina), Fenoy (Bishop of San Miguel), Laise (retired Bishop of San Luis), Sánchez Sorondo (Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences)

AUSTRALIA: Cardinal Pell (Archbishop of Sydney), Coleridge (Archbishop of Camberra), Hart (Archbishop of Melbourne), Hickey (Archbishop of Perth), Wilson (Archbishop of Adelaide), Elliot (Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne), Grech (Bishop of Sandhurst , +2010), Jarret (Bishop of Lismore), Long (Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne), Mathys (Bishop of Armidale), Porteus (Archbishop of Sidney), Prowse (Bishop of Sale), Tomlinson (Bishop of Sandhurst)

BELGIUM: Leonard (Archbishop of Brussels-Malines, primate of Belgium), Harpigny (Bishop of Tournai)

BENIN: N'Koue (Bishop of Natitingou)

BRAZIL: Pena (retired Archbishop of Niteroi), Rezende Dias (Archbishop of Niteroi) Taveira Correa (Archbishop of Belem do Pará), Tempesta (Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro), RIFAN Areas (Bishop of the Apostolic Administration of San Juan María Vianney) Bergamin (Bishop of Nova Iguaçu), Canindé Palhano (Bishop of Senhor do Bomfim), Costa Souza (Bishop of Rio de Janeiro), Da Silva (retired auxiliary bishop of Fortaleza), Da Silva Brito (Auxiliary Bishop of Rio de Janeiro), Ferreria Paz (Bishop of Campos), De Castro honem (Weibischof of Rio de Janeiro), Fontes de Matos (Bishop of Palmira dos Indios), Guimaraes Gomez (former Bishop of Campos), Gouvea Matosso (Bishop of Nova Friburgo ), Marchiori (Bishop of Apucarana), Monteiro Guimaraes (Bishop of Garanhuns), Lopes de Faria (retired Bishop of Diamantina, +2009), Paixao (Auxiliary Bishop of Salvador-Bahia), Pestana Filho (retired Bishop of Anápolis, + 2011), Romer (former Auxiliary Bishop of Rio of Janeiro), Silva Matthes (retired Bishop of Franca), Sivieri (Propriá Bishop of Sergipe), Soares da Costa (Auxiliary Bishop of Aracaju), Stringhini (Bishop of Franca, now Bishop Mogi das Cruzes) Ubiratan Lopez (Bishop of Itaguai)

CHILE: Cardinal Medina Estévez (Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship), Piñera Carvallo (retired Archbishop of La Serena), Duarte Garcia de Cortazar (Bishop of Valparaiso), Bishop González Errazuriz (Bishop of San Bernardo)

CHINA: Cardinal Zen (former Archbishop of Hong Kong), Cardinal Tong Hon (Bishop of Hong Kong)

DENMARK: Kozon (Bishop of Copenhagen)

FRANCE: Cardinal Barbarin (Archbishop of Lyon), Cardinal Ricard (Archbishop of Bordeaux), Cardinal Ving-Trois (Archbishop of Paris, former Chairman of the French Episcopal Conference), Aubertin (Archbishop of Tours), Bacqué (titular archbishop, nuncio to the Netherlands ), Carré (Archbishop of Montellier), Cattenoz (Archbishop of Avignon), D'Ornellas (Archbishop of Rennes), Le Gall (Archbishop of Toulouse), Madec (Archbishop Emeritus of Toulon), Maillard (Archbishop of Bourges), Thomazeau (Archbishop of Montpellier), Aillet (Bishop of Bayonne), Aumonier (Bishop of Versailles), Bagnard (Bishop of Belley-Ars), Batut (bishop of Lyon), Beau (Weibischof of Paris), Boivineau (Bishop of Annecy) Bonfils (retired Auxiliary Bishop of Nice and Apostolic Administrator of Ajaccio), Brouwet (Auxiliary Bishop of Nanterre, now Bishop of Lourdes) Casts (Bishop of Lucon), Centène (Bishop of Vannes), De Dinechin (Bishop of Paris), De Kerimel (Bishop of Grenoble), Delmas (Bishop of Angers), Dubost (Bishop of Evry), Dufour (Bishop of Limoges), Fikart (retired Auxiliary Bishop of Paris), Fort (Bishop of Orleans), Fréchard (retired bishop of Auch ), Gaidon (retired Bishop of Cahors, +2011), Gaschignard (Bishop of d'Aire-Dax), Guillaume (Bishop Emeritus of Saint-Die), Kalist (Bishop of Limoges), Kratz (Auxiliary Bishop of Strasbourg), Le Begue de Germiny (Bishop of Blois), Lebrun (Bishop of Saint-Etienne), Mathieu (Bishop of Saint-Die), Nahmias (Auxiliary Bishop of Paris, now Bishop of Meaux), Pansard (Bishop of Chartres), Rey (Bishop of Frejus-Toulon), Riocreux (Bishop of Pontoise), Scherrer (Bishop of Laval), Séguy (former Bishop of Autun), Wintzer (Bishop of Poitiers)

GABON: Mvé Engone (Archbishop of Libreville), Bischof Madega (Bishop of Port-Gentil, now Bishop of Mouila)

GREAT BRITAIN: Cardinal O'Brien (retired Archbishop of Edinburgh, Primate of Scotland) Conti (Archbishop of Glasgow), McDonald (retired Archbishop of Southwark), Longley (Archbishop of Birmingham), Kevin (former Archbishop of Southwark) Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster), brain (Bishop of Salford), Cunningham (Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle), Davies (bishop of Shewsbury), Doyle (Bishop of Northampton), Drainey (Bishop of Middlesbrough), Gilbert (Bishop of Aberdeen) , Hopes (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster), Kenney (Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham), McGough (Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham), McMahon (Bishop of Nottigham), Moran (retired Bishop of Aberdeen), Pargeter (retired Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham), Sherrington (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster), Stack (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster), Williams (Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool)

HAITI: Gayot (retired Archbishop of Cap-Haitien, +2010)

ITALY: Cardinal Antonelli (retired Archbishop of Florence), Cardinal Bagnasco (Archbishop of Genoa, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference), Cardinal Bartolucci (former choirmaster of the Sistine Chapel), Cardinal Caffarra (Archbishop of Bologna), Cardinal De Paolis (Director of the Prefecture for Economic Affairs), Cardinal Piovanelli (retired Archbishop of Florence), Cardinal Poggi (former Papal Librarian, +2010), Cardinal Scola (archbishop of Milan), Accerbi (Titular Archbishop Prelate of the Sovereign Order of Malta), Appignanesi (em . Archbishop of Potenza), Bassetti (Archbishop of Perugia), Berloco (Titular Archbishop, Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium), Betori (Archbishop of Florence), Boccardo (Archbishop of Spoleto-Norcia), Brugnaro (Archbishop of Camerino-San Severino), De Magistris (Major Penitentiary Emeritus), Fisichella (Archbishop Curia, President of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization), Molinari (Archbishop of L'Aquila), Negri (Bishop of San Marino-Montefeltro, now Archbishop of Ferrara), Pozzo (Archbishop Curia, Pontifical Almoner) Ambrosio (Bishop of Piacenza), Cancian (Bishop of Città di Castello), Cerrato (Bishop of Ivrea), Giovanetti (retired Bishop of Fiesole), Giusti (Bishop of Livorno), Lambiasi (Bishop of Rimini), Miglio (Bishop Ivrea, now Archbishop of Cagliari), Mistrorigo (retired Bishop of Treviso), Oliveri (Bishop of Albenga-Imperia), Rabitti (retired Archbishop of Ferrara), Raspanti (Bishop of Acireale) Ravignani (retired Bishop of Trieste) , Reali (Bishop of Porto-Santa Rufina), Sigismondi (Bishop of Foligno), Scanavino (Bishop of Orvieto), Tardelli (Bishop of San Miniato), centimeters (Bishop of Verona)

IRELAND: Martin (Archbishop of Dublin), Magee (Bishop of Cobh), Moriarty (retired Bishop of Kildare y Leighlin)

CANADA: Roussin (Archbishop Emeritus of Vancouver), Miller (Archbishop of Vancouver), Prendergast (Archbishop of Ottawa). Blais (Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec) LaRocque (retired Bishop of London, Ontario) Lemay (Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec)

KAZAKHSTAN: Schneider (Auxiliary Bishop of Astana)

COLOMBIA: Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos (President Emeritus of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei), Lopez Hurtado (Bishop of Girardot), Ramirez Gomez (former Bishop of Garzon)

CROATIA: Pozaić (Auxiliary Bishop of Zagreb)

LITHUANIA: Bartulis (Bishop of Vilnius)

MEXICO: Sandoval Iniguez (retired Archbishop of Guadalajara), Suárez Inda (Archbishop of Morelia)

MONACO: Barsi (Archbishop of Monaco)

NIGERIA: Cardinal Arinze (Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship), Ochiagha (retired Bishop of Orlu), Tochukwu Ukwuoma (Bishop of Orlu)

NEW ZEALAND: Meeking (retired Bishop of Christchurch)

NETHERLANDS: Punt (Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam), Van Burgsteden (retired Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam)

PARAGUAY: Livieres (Bishop of Ciudad del Este)

PHILIPPINES: Lagdameo (Archbishop of Jaro), Palma (Archbishop of Cebu), Escaler (retired Bishop of Ipil), De Gregorio (Administrator of the Apostolic Prelature of Batanes), Hobayan (retired Bishop of Cazarman), Tobias (Bishop of Novaliches ), Vergara (Bishop of Pasig)

POLAND: Cardinal Dziwisz (Archbishop of Krakow), Cardinal Nycz (Archbishop of Warsaw), Golebiewski (Archbishop of Breslau), Zscysinski (Archbishop of Lublin, + 2011), Balcerek (auxiliary bishop of Poznan), Czaja (Bishop of Opole), Depo (Bishop of Zamosc Lubaczow, now archbishop of Czestochowa), Dziuba (Bishop of Lowicz), Gorny (Bishop of Rzeszów), Małysiak (retired auxiliary bishop of Krakow), Mizinski (Auxiliary Bishop of Lublin), Pieronek (retired Auxiliary Bishop of Sosnowiec ), Rys (Auxiliary Bishop of Cracow), Stobrawa (Auxiliary Bishop of Opole), Szkodon (Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow)

PUERTO RICO: Corrada del Rio (Bishop of Mayaguez), Torres Oliveira (former Bishop of Ponce)

RUSSIA: Pezzi (Archbishop of Moscow)

SLOVAKIA: Bezák (retired Archbishop of Trnava)

SLOVENIA: Cardinal Rode (retired Archbishop of Ljubljana, em prefect of the religious congregation.)

SPAIN: Cardinal Cañizares Llovera (Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship), Martínez Sistach (Archbishop of Barcelona), Herranz Casado (. Curia, Archbishop, em-President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts), Navarrete Cortés (former rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University, +2010) Rodriguez Plaza (archbishop of Toledo and primate of Spain), Ureña Pastor (Archbishop of Zaragoza), Arrieta Ochoa de Chinchetru (Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts) Cases Andreu (Bishop of Canarias), Fernández González (Bishop of Cordoba), Iceta Gavicagogeascoa (Bishop of Bilbao), Yanguas Sanz (Bishop of Cuenca)

SRI LANKA: Cardinal Ranjith (Archbishop of Colombo)

CZECH REPUBLIC: Baxant (Bishop of Leitmeritz)

HUNGARY: Farhat (Nuncio to Austria), Lajos Varga (Auxiliary Bishop of Vac)

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Cardinal Tree (Major Penitentiary Emeritus), Burke (Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura), Cardinal Egan (retired Archbishop of New York), Cardinal Foley (Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, +2011), Cardinal George (Archbishop of Chicago), Cardinal Levada (Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation), Cardinal O'Malley (Archbishop of Boston), Cardinal Wuerl (Archbishop of Washington), Aquila (Archbishop of Denver), Brown (Titular Archbishop of Aquileia and Apostolic Nuncio in Ireland) Brunett (Archbishop of Seattle), Carlson (Archbishop of Saint Louis), Coackley (Archbishop of Oklahoma), Di Noia (Curia, Archbishop, Vice President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei), Hugues (retired Archbishop of New Orleans), Kevin (em . Archbishop of Southwark), Kurtz (Archbishop of Louisville) Myers (Archbishop of Newark), Nienstedt (Archbishop of Saint Paul, Minneapolis), Pilarczyk (retired Archbishop of Cicinnati), Sartain (Archbishop of Seattle), Vigneron (Archbishop of Detroit ), Wenski (Archbishop of Miami), Backer (Bishop of Birmingham), Bambera (Bishop of Scranton), Barre (Bishop of Allentown), Bevard Bishop of Saint Thomas), Blair (bishop of Toledo in Ohio), Boyea (Bishop of Lansing), Bruskewitz (retired Bishop of Lincoln), Burbidge (Bishop of Raleigh), Callahan (Bishop of LaCrosse), Conley (Auxiliary Bishop of Denver), Conlon (Bishop of Joillet) Cordileone (Bishop of Oakland, now Archbishop of San Francisco), Corrada (Bishop of Tyler), Cummins (retired from Oakland), D'Arcy (Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend), Daniels (Bishop of Grand Falls), Dewane (Bishop of Venice), Di Lorenzo (Bishop of Richmond), DiMarzio (Bishop of Brooklyn), Doran (Bishop of Rockford), Etienne (Bishop of Cheyenne), Farrell (Bishop of Dallas), Finn (bishop of Kansas City), Foley (former Bishop of Birmingham), Gainer (Bishop of Lexington), García (Bishop of Monterey), Hermann (Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis), Hurley (Bishop of Grand Rapids), Keleher (retired Bishop of Kansas City), Kicanas (Bishop of Tucson), Loverde (Bichof of Arlington), Madera Uribe (former Bishop of Fresno), Matano (Bishop of Burlington), McFadden (Bishop of Harrisburg), McManus (Bishop of Worcester), Morlino (Bishop of Madison), Murphy (Bishop of Rockville Centre), Nevares (Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix), Olmsted (Bishop of Phoenix), Paprocki (Bishop of Springfield in Illinois), Perry (Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago), Provost (Bishop of Lake Charles), Reiss (Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit), Rhoades (Bishop of Harrisburg) , Rice (Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis), Ricken (Bishop of Green Bay), Sample (Bishop of Marquette), Serra setting (Bishop of Paterson), Silva (Bishop of Honolulu), Slattery (Bishop of Tulsa), Timlin (retired bishop from Scranton), Tobin (Bishop of Providence), Waltersheid (Auxiliary Bishop of Pittsburg), Van Johnston (Bishop of Springfield in Missouri).

There are also the bishops of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X: Fellay, De Galarreta and Tisier de Mallerais since early 2009, and thus after the adoption of the motu proprio by order of Pope Benedict XVI., the Excommunication of 1988 was withdrawn from them by the Bishops' Congregation.

The most recent publication in January 2012, Williamson was also counted, but his status is completely unclear since his discharge from the SSPX.

Text: Accion Liturgica / Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Una Voce Mallorca
Trans: Tancred


Clinton R. said...

Now if only Pope Francis celebrated one Holy Mass in the Old Rite. Just one.

Not buyin' it. said...

But Clinton...what if he did? So what? He would be like many who are named in the list above who still cling to their anti-Catholic behavior and heresies. I will name only one to prove my point but there are many on the list...pervert protecting, priest crucifying, sacrilege promoting Donald Wuerl. Most of the others are silent in the face of the crimes committed by their confreres so they are just as guilty.

Unless these same men who offer the Mass instituted by Christ (most did it once or twice as a novelty or not to be left out of the trend) also start to defend and protect also His doctrine and fight to crush the heresies...this means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Except maybe to lull Catholics into thinking things are getting better. And if that is the result of this morphing of faith, liturgy and doctrine then the result will be a victory for Hell.

Doctrine + Mass = Catholic Faith

Unknown said...

Bishop Williamson considers himself still part of the SSPX since his expulsion was on dubious grounds. God bless him. Nevertheless, a part of it or not, he is still a Catholic Bishop who celebrates the TLM. But then again he does not celebrate it because of S.P., which is just as dubious, but because 1) Quo Primum 2) because the TLM is only legal one of the two.

I see many heretics in the list. Some may count it as a victory but it is not. S.P. requires the acceptance of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo, that bastard rite. It forces the Old Mass and the New Mass, Catholic Theology and New Theology, to live in peace, which is impossible. What about the true faith? What about morals and virtue? Archbishop Lefebvre's fight was never about the mass was about the faith. These prelates can celebrate the TLM all they want to but the put on the Conciliar coat every single day. They never cease to scandalize us.

Thus there has been no victory yet. To see one is to turn a blind eye to the real problems.

Tancred said...

Problem being, assuming that you’re not a competent ecclesiastical authority, you have no competence to decide who is and who isn’t a Catholic.

Isn’t that correct?

Anonymous said...

For starters Pope Francis could have made a stronger statement to the bishops concerning 'the problem of traditionalists and the Novus Ordos'. If what was reported is what he said, all he said, certain bishops who attempt to persecute traditionalists will continue as is.

Tancred said...

Where did he say that?

Anonymous said...

Emancipation was the translation when addressing the gusestion/statement several bishops presented concerning 'the problem
of the traditionalists (versus) Novus Ordos). Did I mininterpret that?

Tancred said...

If you interpret that into an official approval and a nod frm the Pope to Liberal Bishops, that's stretching it.

Anonymous said...

I did not mean to stretch it. I did not interpret to myself or to anyone else as "a wink and a nod". I meant that for
Pope Francis' words to be taken very seriously by some obstinate bishops requires his words to be sterner more authoritative rather than seeming like mere advice.

Tancred said...

I suspect they were very offended by Francis's lack of responsiveness. How ever you stretch it, theses D Liberals look like disobedient villains.

Anonymous said...

You may be right. I do hope you are. Sometimes understatement says a lot.

Clinton R. said...

Point taken. However, if the Pope did celebrate Holy Mass in the Old Rite, then liberal modernists could not say the TLM is only celebrated by a few traditionalists.

Tancred said...

My trump card on this Pope and the thing I keep coming back to is that he loves Fatima.

James K Savonarola said...

one more name to include in the US is Archbishop Listecki from Milwaukee

Anonymous said...

Tancred, May God Bless the Pope.
John Kohn, May God Bless Archbishop Listecki.

Anonymous said...

He PREACHED in Latin at the TLM in Rome, FSSP Parish Santissima Trinita`.

schmenz said...


Could you give the details? Living in Milwaukee I am unaware that our Archbishop has ever said/attended the ancient rite. If true I would greatly appreciated knowing when and under what circumstances.

Many thanks.

James K Savonarola said...

sorry for the later response:

hope that helps

Anonymous said...

He was too old and infirm to celebrate for most of his remaining days, after Summorum Pont. was decreed, but he offered the Mass numerous times at the FSSP Parish just outside Atlanta. He also filled in LAST MINUTE for confirmations when the current holder of the See backed out.

IanW said...

I believe Archbishop Kevin McDonald has been listed twice under Great Britain:

"McDonald (retired Archbishop of Southwark) ... Kevin (former Archbishop of Southwark)"

Anonymous said...

Bishop Harpigny celebated "Old Mass?" So what ?
He put personnally pressure on Pope Benedict to be allowed to consecrate women deacon.. He didn't ask the Pope but CLAIMED it.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath.

sarto2012 said...

Hmmm, I don't think Mr Bergoglio's Latin is up to it. Have you heard him him labouring incomprehensibly during his NO "Masses"?

sarto2012 said...

As a resident of St Andrews & Edinburgh, I'll name another ... The dreadful Mr KP O'Brien .... although he once wore the cappa magna!