Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ugandan Bishop Suspends Dissident Priest

Edit: no muss no fuss.

The Priest Anthony Musaal has  addressed a letter on March 12th to the Bishop, clergy and laity of Uganda, demanding the rectification of the alleged gap between the ideal and reality of priestly celibacy in black Africa, through the lifting of celibacy. Archbishop Cyprian Kisito Lwanga of Kampala has suspended the priest because he has discredited the Church and the clergy.

Link to katholisches…

His Facebook even shows support for abbero-marriage:

  1. Anthony Musaala commented on a link.
    You are very courageous. Love is its own blessing, love covers a multitude of sins, love knows no law. Love and do as you will. As for those who condemn you, they will be judged with the same measure...
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  1. I'm speechless.

  2. Canada needs it's ass kicked. Bunch of girls.

  3. This what happens when you make a priest out of someone who does NOT have a vocation. The Conciliar Church is filled with them. Many enter the priesthood for what they can get out of it. Escaping from the dangers or "poverty" of their own countries is one of the biggest. The African ones have the worst reputation for this. That is why news of their fast growing numbers in the Novus Ordo priesthood is NOT good news.

    1. Surely there are no careerists in Germany.

  4. Oh Canada! Saint Joseph is their Patron Saint and they don't even know it. They're going to be very happy or very sorry when they find out.

  5. See this brief piece on Youtube.

    I cannot vouch for its accuracy but the producer says his father is called Alexander Basima and in 2012 he gave his address as

    1 Lancefield House, Nunhead Lane Peckham Rye SE15 3UB London U

  6. In case you did not know, the Church is pursuing a path to weed out this vice. When he visited Australia during his tenure, the Pope Emeritus Benedict 16 said we should report sexually abusive clerics DIRECTLY to the police as we would with
    anyone else. It is true more emphaisis has been put on protecting the image of the Church than on protecting the vulnerable and ministering to the victims. Benedict XVI also mandated each Diocese and each parish should develop and implement policies designed to
    protect the vulnerable. So, Catholics, lets all ask our Parish Councils and Parish Priests what policies they have in place.

    The investigation announced by the Archbishop can be accessed via your Parish Priest. If you get no joy go to the Ecclesial Court at Lubaga Cathedral next to the museum and ask for Fr Andrew Kato Kasirye).If you prefer you can also go to the Papal Nuncio (ambassador) at Mbuya (opposite the barracks). Just tell them what it is about and you will be seen.

    Another thing you do not know is that when allegations were made against Father M. in 2009 he was put under investigation. The Bishop's decisions following that process are the trigger for his outburst.

    In 2010 his sister made an appeal for prayer for him via youtube.

    DOROTHYMUSAALA 2 years ago

    Things are better for us but not for the people involved in the things we have all heard about. Let us not forget to pray for God's mercy on all people caught up in things that are very difficult to deal with. If this priest has encouraged us in our faith let us give back to him by praying for him whenever we remember. God will be pleased with us for building His kingdom through our prayers.
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    DOROTHYMUSAALA 2 years ago

    Please fast and pray for him. He needs all the prayer we can spare. Jesus said we should pray "Your kingdom come, your will be done." Please pray that God's will is done in his life. My brother is in a lot of trouble. Please ask all your friends to pray for him continuosly. If we love his music then may be God's plan is for us to pray for him so that God can be honoured by his life.

  7. Father is far gone, I fear, but thanks for the update.