Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Irish Government to Confiscate Catholic Schools

Ed: the title of the Socialist anti-Catholic BBC reads, "Irish bishops may be asked to hand over Catholic schools”. It’s not a question of if, but when. Some may recall how this sort of oppressive behavior is proceeded by a hate campaign against the Church, in order to justify the confiscation of the Church’s wealth, and the diminishment of Its position in society. This tactic was also undertaken by the Nazis in the 30s as Goebels used charges of sexual indecency and child molestation against the Catholic Clergy then to build public support for closing Catholic Schools. The Irish State is using the same playbook here, which is not to say that they are Nazis, per se. Just goes to show that you really can’t trust Republicans no matter how Catholic they pretend to be.

Of course, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin hasn’t been much help here. He’s basically helping the other side achieve their goals.

[BBC}The government would like schools to be ready for transfer in six months.

An Irish government report has recommended Catholic bishops release school buildings to allow for the creation of non-denominational schools.

The department of education report calls for the establishment of 23 new multi-denominational primary schools to meet parental demand.

It follows surveys of parents of more than 20,000 primary-age children.

The report recommends bishops be asked to reconfigure their schools to free up buildings.

In some cases this would mean the amalgamation of a girls school and a boys school to allow the return of one of the buildings to government control.

The Irish minister for education, Ruairi Quinn, says he would like to see buildings ready for transfer to the multi-denominational sector within six months.

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  1. "Which is not to say they are Nazis per se". Nor to say they are Bastards per se.

  2. Who owns the buildings, the Church or the Government?

    Ireland gets a lot of press coverage, but look at the population numbers of that tiny island nation -- it's really quite an insignificant country compared to the rest of the world.

    1. The Irish diaspora is very large and influential.

      The Irish State basically pays the Catholic Church to run education and about 91% of the schools in Ireland are run by the Catholic Church.

    2. So the buildings are owned by the Irish State and run by the Catholic Church?

      Or the Catholic Church owns the buildings and run the schools, but the Irish State pays for it?

      Is this basically what Belgian did with the Church's hospitals a few years ago? (And what the US government is in the process of doing now.)