Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Chinese Patriotic Church and the Heresy of Americanism

Edit: it’s wonderful that others are noticing and pointing out, the similarity between the Chinese Patriotic Church which is hostile to Rome, the US Catholic Bishops and the “phantom heresy” Americanism.  Americanism was called the phantom heresy, because all the Bishops in the United States told the Nuncio they didn’t have any problems with it, with a wink.

 No one should doubt that the institutional hostility to Michael Voris lies primarily with the fact that he points these things out rather than that he is “uncharitable”,  “wears a toupee”,  or is “strident”.  We’ve never seen him strident and we sometimes think he’s too soft on people who’ll never give him credit for it anyway.  Really, it’s just an attempt to discredit one of the few voices in the wilderness calling attention to some serious problems in the modern Church.

It’s kind of like some of the crusaders for niceness attacking Rorate Caeli lately.  They’ve never been anything but cautious and measured.  What they reported about Pope Francis in his Diocese in Buenos Aires, among other things, was 100% true.

Ultimately, this just boils down to the official "Patriotic” Catholics attacking the Catholics who are faithful.  You can also see wedges being driving between faithful Catholics and so-called Traditionalist Catholics too, by the way.


  1. The USCCB are a bunch of nice fairies. Some nice rabbi said had it not been for the American Bishops Nostra Atatae would never have seen the light of day. I'll tell you his name when I recall. I'm fed up.

  2. They are Communists. Most don't know it but I'm sure quite a few of them do. Whatever they are, by their behavior they aren't Catholic.

  3. Correction: Fr. John Pawlikowski made the above statement concerning American Bishops and Nostra Aetate. He futher said the bishops strong support was rooted in the National Catholic Welfare Conference of the 1930's and 1940's. His podium partner Rabbi Eugene Korn, assc. director, of Center for Chistian-Jewish Understanding, said that Christians in the heart of Christian Europe, who went to Mass operated the gas chambers. You know, just this kind of Understanding. And Anon 4-4 12 A.M. seems Fr. Pawlikowski statement might give credence to your claim .

  4. What do you mean by this statement? You can also see wedges being driving between faithful Catholics and so-called Traditionalist Catholics too, by the way.

    Who are the faithful catholics? Obviously there is division when one supports the traditions always taught before Vatican II and one who supports the Novus Ordo (New protestant Mass), errors of Vatican II, etc.

  5. dolorosa, the only thing I see here referred to as "this statement" is attributed to Fr. John Pawlikowsky. So the point is Vatican II and the chaos it wrought. The focus here being the Chinese Patriotic Church and the Heretical American Church in large part "thanks American Bishops Vat II onward. Are you missing the point or am I?