Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SSPX Reaffirms its Wish to Continue to Criticize Vatican II and the New Mass

Edit: The Society of St. Pius X and its Superior, Bishop Bernard Fellay, are reconfirming their allegiance to the spiritual legacy of their founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in their willingness to continue reaffirming the timeless traditions and dogmas of the Church and resisting those things which they say are inconsistent with it, like Religious Liberty, False Ecumenism and Collegiality. Bishop Fellay also identifies two Romes, which may as well refer to two parties working against each other during the discussions on the side of Rome.

The following letter, which comes from DICI, the Society of St. Pius X’s website, is going to reiterate the Society’s notion that the agreement they were expected, but not prepared, to sign is not something which they can accept. If you recall, the Society was being prepared to be brought into the official structure of the Church without the rigid and draconian restrictions on their religious liberty. As of present date, the CDF and the parities who have drafted the most recent Preamble for their signature, demand a level of obedience they expect from no other part of the Church at present date. We don’t know what this means, or if this is going to be accepted by those responsible in the Vatican for this reconciliation. Here’s an excerpt of the letter from Bishop Fellay:

Letter to Friends and Benefactors (April 2013)


Dear Friends and Benefactors,

It has been quite a long time now that this letter has kept you waiting, and it is with joy, in this Easter season, that we would like to take our bearings and to present a few reflections on the situation of the Church.

As you know, the Society found itself in a delicate position during most of the year 2012, following the final approach of Benedict XVI in attempting to normalize our situation. The difficulties resulted, on the one hand, from requirements that accompanied the Roman proposal—to which we could not and still cannot subscribe—and, on the other hand, from a lack of clarity on the part of the Holy See that did not allow us to know precisely the will of the Holy Father or what he was ready to concede to us. The trouble caused by these uncertainties vanished as of June 13, 2012, with a clear confirmation, on the 30th of the same month, by a letter from Benedict XVI himself clearly and unambiguously spelling out the conditions that were being imposed on us for a canonical normalization.

These conditions are of a doctrinal nature; they entail the total acceptance of the Second Vatican Council and of the Mass of Paul VI. And so, as Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, Vice President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, wrote in a letter addressed to the members of the Society of Saint Pius X at the end of last year, on the doctrinal level we are still at the point where we started out in the 1970’s. Unfortunately we can only agree with this observation by the Roman authorities and acknowledge the current relevance of the analysis by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of our Society, which was unwavering in the decades following the Council, until his death. His very accurate insight, which is at the same time theological and practical, is still valid today, fifty years after the start of the Council.

And also:

“Compelled by the facts, it is necessary to conclude that the Council has favored, inconceivably, the diffusion of liberal errors. Faith, morals, and ecclesiastical discipline have been shaken to their foundations according to the predictions of all the popes. "

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Geremia said...

Even Card. Kasper admits intentional ambiguity in the Council.

Anonymous said...

Becuase the whole purpose to be Modern, no longer Medeval. And we see what lukewarm, fence sitting, ambiguity begets. Relativism.

Anonymous said...

Good for the SSPX. Criticize away! I'm sick of delusional people who go on and on about how great Vatican II was while meanwhile Catholic Churches and institutions close every day and even the Catholic who "practice" know so little and take so little seriously after decades of poor catechesis

John said...

For pity's sake! I'm growing exceedingly weary of SSPX stomping it's feet like a petulant child and demanding that the Holy Father in Rome fail to be a parent.
We have one Pope, our current Holy Father, Pope Francis. If SSPX doesn't like the idea that they need to VERY carefully re-examine their own attitudes, ultimately Pope Francis (or his successor) will likely be forced to formally denounce the Society.
As to the merit of various misguided efforts within the recognized Church body politic, it would be wise for SSPX to remember that SSPX, itself, offers no help at all in instilling holiness in the overall faithful so long as the Society's members insist on holding themselves apart.

You can't catechize if you can't bring yourself to show up for the fight.

Tancred said...

I'm a lot more weary of other people ignoring the fatal problems of the violently conflicting and self-defeating agendas at work here.

You can't catechize if no one knows what you're talking about.

sebastian said...

The town were I go to mass the bishop and two priests sat down during holy communion and let two girls aged 18 and and twenty with mini skirts on give out holy communion to the people. Same parisha very holy priest was removed by a sacraterion lady because he dared to use insence during the missa cantata latin mass she went into a rage with the smell of insence also the same church the lay people put obstuctions in front of the alter or table to make sure the latin mass is not welcome.

beagle said...

Yeah, I guess the SSPX should shut up about a Protestantized Mass, bizarre ecumenical activities (did you not see the 'Hanukkah 2012' video?) and a lack of action being taken against the likes of Schonborn. Let's all be quiet and and go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

The things Sebastian describes here are bizarre. We've all heard or even seen more bizarre though it hardly seems possible. It further seems hardly possible that every Catholic isn't considering going SSPX.

Tancred said...

The SSPX isn’t a parallel Church you can really join. It’s just a priestly Society which good Catholics can support as per Cardinal Hoyos.

Anonymous said...

That's what I mean Tancred. Join them and support them. Be among them. Worship with them. ...And when I say bizarre I mean that in the real sense. I don't think this is only a matter of liberalism, progressivism, modernism. It is strange-ism. Honestly it must be Satanism taking them unaware.