Saturday, April 6, 2013

Irish Bishops Threaten State They Will Opt Out of Civil Marriages if Aberrosexual Marriage is Passed

Edit: There must be something wrong with this poll. Maybe it was restricted to a small geographical locale in Dublin? The Irish Bishops have issued a stern warning, though… according to the Examiner. Ireland currently recognizes civil marriages between aberrosexuals.

Of course, Catholic priests won’t solemnize these “unions” and have vowed to withdraw from solemnizing civil unions at all.

'Any change to the definition of marriage would create great difficulties and in the light of this if there were two totally different definitions of marriage the church could no longer carry out the civil element,’ say the Irish Bishops.

A new opinion poll shows that 66% of Irish voters support changing the law to allow for full same-sex marriage.

The Behaviour and Attitudes poll for today's Sunday Times shows that support for the change is strongest amongst women and younger voters, while more than half of voters over 55 were also in favour of gay marriage.

Just over a quarter of those surveyed believe the law should remain unchanged, with provision for civil partnership.

Meanwhile, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore is expected to re-affirm his support for same-sex marriage when he addresses the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association (ILGA) conference in Dublin today.

It is the first time the conference has come to Ireland.

Mr Gilmore will deliver the closing address at the event, making it first time in its history that the conference will have been addressed by a country's deputy leader.

The conference is addressing how to advance equality in economically challenging times.

ILGA-Europe is the largest LGBTI non-governmental organisation membership network in Europe and represents over 350 organizations.

Back in November there were allegedly 53% supporting aberrosexual marriages, now it is apparently %66, although wikipedia insists that there is 73% support for it in Ireland. Now there is 66% apparently. Same-sex marriage removes biological identity... Another thing is that when sports stars endorse something, it’s probably not a very good idea. Of course, Jeremy Irons is more sensible on the issue.


Dr. Judy Meissner, Psy.D., MPH said...
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Dr. Judy Meissner, Psy.D., MPH said...

Humanity is ill-served in bastardizing and redefining the institution of Marriage by adding adjectives to the word “Marriage.” There is no such thing as “hetero marriage,” “gay marriage,” “traditional marriage,” “non-traditional marriage,” “opposite-sex marriage,” or “same-sex marriage.’’

The whole purpose of Marriage is to establish and regulate the stable and lasting union of a man and a woman because this union –in principle— creates human families, i.e., produces children. Marriage is a natural institution arising from Humanity’s need to bear and raise children in a setting that fosters those behaviors and ideals that build strong, stable, successful societies. This is true since the dawn of civilization. Why reinvent the wheel now?

Impostor, phony, make-believe, ideologically-forced, so-called "gay marriage" undermines REAL Marriage by violating Marriage’s purpose, corrupting Marriage’s meaning, and disrespecting Marriage’s very essence. Respect for Marriage demands that no adjectives be added to it. Period.