Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fox News Attacks Catholic Church, Again

Edit: Not to be outdone by others, Fox News wants to join in on the Pope Bashig. Some may recall Sean Hannity’s disgraceful interview with Father Eutener where he insisted that he could call himself a Catholic in good standing and yet practice birth control or at least provide a sinful amount of adulation for those that do. It’s been pretty clear since then that these semi or faux-conservative type publications are either openly or passively hostile to Catholicism.

In this case, they’re simply declaring their allegiance to revolutionary principles like feminism and heaping the kind of contempt on the Catholic Church usually found only in America Magazine or the National Catholic Reporter.

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican's spokesman came to his press briefing Friday bearing flowers for female journalists to mark International Women's Day. "On behalf of all of us men, congratulations and happy Women's Day!" said a beaming Rev. Federico Lombardi.

A heartfelt gesture, to be sure, but one that came a day after an awkward acknowledgement: The upcoming election of the pope will be an all-male affair — except for the women who cook for, clean up after and serve the 115 cardinals who will pick the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, half of them women.

Lombardi's admission came when a reporter noted that one of the video clips the Vatican had provided of preparations in the Sistine Chapel featured a woman at a sewing machine, making the skirting for the tables where cardinals will sit. Aside from the seamstress, the reporter inquired, how many women are involved in the conclave process? Lombardi said the total number wouldn't be known until all Vatican personnel involved in the conclave take their oath of secrecy. But he noted that several women work at the Vatican's Santa Marta hotel, where the cardinals will eat and sleep during the conclave, which begins on Tuesday.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/03/08/vatican-spokesman-brings-flowers-as-women-second-class-status-in-church-comes/#ixzz2PzftvWDD


Aged parent said...

What's worse that the idiotic article from FOX news is Father Lombardi's equally idiotic spluttering of "Happy Women's Day!"

I wanted to throw up.

Tancred said...

So many people in positions of authority think they can enjoy the approval of people like this if they only make concessions to their insanity.

Anonymous said...

I'm skipping Fr. Lombardi just for the moment to say just this. I don't know why the priest was on the Hannity program. The video started somewhere "show in progress". I'm just taking this opportunity to say...I do not like that colmes fella. I do not like Sean Hannity. Is Hannity a good Catholic? Oh No No No. Hannity is an Arch Zionist. I feel he is dishonest about Israel because he just can't be so ill-informed. What else can you expect from someone who is supposed helping to inform, who consistenly refers to Mr. Netanyahu as "BiBi". All and all I find Mr. Hannity a jerk. Fox News-Fair and Balanced. Oh No No No ! Fox News is owned by Murdoch who is an Arch Zionist.

Anonymous said...

I have stronger words to describe Hannity than jerk. I won't use them. I'll just say that I loathe the man. I recall the day I said " No more of him in this house ". Besides the other words, he's a bore. As Mother would say, " sounds like a broken record ". I said, he's like a wind-up toy. Wind him up and there he goes ". Predictable and irritating as always.

Tancred said...

I wonder if everyone noticed the synchronized attack that came up from all the Neocon news media just as Pope Benedict resigned trying to play the Black Legend card, and attacking not just B16 but Catholicism as well?