Monday, March 11, 2013

Hans Kung Fears Continuation of Benedict's Papacy

Benedikt XVI. will not sit in peace after his resignation, but will continue to co-administer in the Vatican, says Theologian [sic] Kung. There are many indications for that.

[Zeit] Benedikt XVI. will also continue to except size influence in important decisions in the Vatican - the Theologian Kung is sure of this. Benedikt has flipped all the switches in order to secure his position of power, said the Tubingen professor. For the new Pope this will be a great burden. He will be "hindered in every way by a shadow Pope. "

Benedikt XVI. had bid farewell to the Cardinalls on 28. February in the Vatican and said to his successor: "Among you is the future pope and I promise you my unqualified obedience and respect" he said, before he flew to his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo. in a few moments he would withdraw into a former monastery in the Vatican garden.

He is alarmed that Benedikt XVI. has his retirement residence so close to the center of power. Here it is so that Benedikt according to his press speaker to continue contact with his Cardinals. And also Benedikt's private secretary, Georg Gänswein - says Küng is "a puppet master" - in an influemtial position at the Prefecture of the Papal Household. Benedikt will have as a consequence many opportunities to have comprehensive influence.

Reforms indispensable

If the new pope should be ready for reforms, conservative Cardinals could always turn to the old Pope and build a powerful position. Küng himself considers reforms indispensable. Without reforms the Church may "run into a new ice age and is in danger of becoming an large sect of shrinking relevance."

The Conclave - the selection of the new pope - begins on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hans Kung is like people who shoot up schools.The press give him too much attention.I wish he would get out of the Catholic Business.

Elizabeth said...

Off-topic but I just wanted to say I love the new Header picture of spring flowers you've got up now. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

Since Elizabeth boldly addressed the beautiful flowers, I too think they're very pretty but the others so very pretty and familiar, I'm missing terribly.

anon said...

That would be ARCHBISHOP Ganswein, Hansy you heretic.

Aged parent said...

There should be some kind of home for has-been Catholic modernists. There, they could contemplate their navels in perfect peace. They could even be given karaoke microphones to sing their songs, or spout their theories to their fellows. They could perhaps call it "The Hans Kung (or Yves Congar) Home for the Catholic Dotty".

I would be delighted to contribute financially to such a project.

Tancred said...

The Chardin home for Modernist senior clergy.