Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Don’t] Get Your Conclave News from Vatican Radio, Not NBC or Whatnot

Update to the Update GMT 18:23:  Here’s decent coverage from them on the Vatican website:


Edit: don’t get stuck listening to crappy coverage from NBC, BBC or Nazi originated Spiegel.  Listen to the Vatican Broadcaster, as chaotic as it is.  Their site is horribly constructed and I can’t find live streaming, but here’s a link for an MP3:


You also may have to download a viewer/player in order to get into the Vatican Site.  There are various  sites to access live streaming, but the English ones appear to be broken.

Just listening to the morning news now, and it’s got Father Thomas Reese SJ, disgraced former editor of America on.  Can’t they find someone who’s Catholic?

Ok, forget Vatican Radio in English.  Here’s live streaming coverage on Youtube:


Geremia said...

This particular video is private…
All the video feeds are here:

Anonymous said...

When there is real news it will eventually show up here and elsewhere online. I think I'll just wait.

This website is lookin' goooood, BTW.