Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cardinals: Liturgical Abuses Weaken the Faith

If Holy Mass is not celebrated according to the norms of the Church leads to the weakening of the Faith, say Curial Cardinals Raymond Burke and Antonio Canizares Llovera.

Rom ( Liturgical abuses enfeeble faith in God, lead to egoism and make for a decline in Mass attendance. Cardinals Raymond Burke and Antonio Canizares Llovera. They received support from liturgical expert Fr. Nicola Bux. Both Cardinals addressed the presentation of Father Bux's new book.

Unfortunately, many priests and Bishops regard liturgical departures from the prescriptions as unimportant, while they are actually serious abuses, said Cardinal Burke, the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.

Cardinal Canizares offered this view: "The participation in a Eucharistic celebration can enfeeble faith, if the Liturgy is not celebrated according to the norms of the Church," he said. This is true for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Mass, added the former Prefect for Worship and Order of the Sacraments.

Many modern Catholics are of the view that Holy Mass is something they would do in common. Actually, this is something in which Jesus handles it, says Bux.


carmeljamaica said...

What is faith?

Isn't that the belief in Jesus Christ?

And if faith is just dependent on the form of the mass you're attending, rather than faith centered on Christ, then it is a weak faith. A weak faith is dependent upon forms and other matters, a strong faith finds God and grips on it, no matter the circumstances.

Tancred said...

The Faith is the Catholic Faith, without which it is impossible to please God,

M said...

There is proper protocol and dress and word and form even for ceremonies that honor monarchies, heads of state, or other dignitaries of stature. Yet what are they or their ceremonies compared to the sacred Catholic Mass??

And actually....

One of weak faith would not know that the Novus Ordo is not Christ-centered, but Man-centered.

One of weak faith would not know that the Novus Ordo is a "re-enactment", a mere "memory" of the Last Supper rather than the First Mass renewed on the Altar again as propitiation for our sins as a Catholic Mass is to be.

One of weak faith would not know that the Novus Ordo is but a "meal" rather than holy Expiation for our sins to an Infinite God Who is infinately offended by our sins.

And one of weak faith would very likely be slothful in their knowledge of The Faith. Sloth is a damnable vice.

Anonymous said...


Was the Mass prior to 1570, at which time the Tridentine Mass began, but a meal?

And what of the Eastern Catholic Rites? Are they but a meal? The Catholic Maronite Rite is partially in Aramaic. Is the language Christ used less valid than Latin?

I agree with Carmel. Faith is not dependent on elaborately decorated churches, guady vestments and overly pious protocols. If anything these draw attention away from God.

In closing, your santimonious judgement of Carmel is offensive.

Tancred said...

You’re expressing your own personal and very suspect opinion just as much as the OP.

M said...

It isn't the language that makes the Mass. It's the words of the rubrics. Jesus instituted the Mass for a specific purpose. The mass of Paul VI does not do what Jesus commanded. It does however do what Martin Luther commanded.

As a former Eastern Rite Mass attendee I can assure you that the Eastern Rite shares the same problems as the Novus Ordo. The only place they do NOT have a problem is with the language used because they have not corrupted their rubrics. Do you understand yet, Anonymous?

Ah yes, Carmel. The favorite spirituality exploited by the female Novus Ordo crowd. Why go to church at all? After all, is not God everywhere? You are a Protestant. That is what happens to those who attend your meal.

We are to give glory to God in all things. Why do you do not want to give God what is His due in HIS OWN HOUSE? Poor people in countries around the world denied themselves food in order to have a proper Altar at their parish church and today those who have much more want to give much less. You prefer to strip His Tabernacles and Altars just like the soldiers stripped His body before they nailed Him to the Cross. We are to give glory to God in all that we do. What glory do you give, Anonymous? Where is the glory to God in your Novus Ordo church? Even Pagans decorate their altars to their devil gods but you do not think enough of the True God to do the same for His Altars. Why is that, Anonymous? Better not visit the Vatican or the Holy Land or you'll have a stroke.

If you are "distracted" by the adornments of the Holy Altar you should know that there is something wrong with the focus of your attention. You would have Michaelangelo imprisoned for painting a "distraction" on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You who attend a service with the atmosphere of a three ring circus should not be distracted even by a bomb going off.

No, Tancred, I do not express my own opinion.

Tancred said...

Like the official Society and St. Benedict Center, I accept the validity of the Pauline Missal. I don't submit to my own opinions in this.

Aged parent said...

Dear Anonymous:

Your statement,
"Was the Mass prior to 1570, at which time the Tridentine Mass began..."
needs clarification.

The Ancient Rite did not "begin" in 1570. It began at the time of Christ, and over many, many centuries or organic growth came to the form we all recognize no later than the 6th century A.D. At the time of the first rumblings of the Reformation certain well-meaning priests and Bishops began tinkering with the Ancient Rite, which was causing disarray among the faithful. To end that process of unauthorized tinkering Pope St Pius V CODIFIED the Ancient Rite mass, also allowing any venerable Rite that could claim to be at least several centuries old to continue in its own forms. Note: St Pius did not "cook up" a new mass, like Pope Paul and his cronies did in 1962; he codified a Rite that had been, in all its essentials, present from the time of Christ. Sadly many people are misled on this crucial point, and much of the misleading, I'm sorry to say, comes from priests and Bishops.

As for the New Mass, whether it is valid or not (and the validity of some of them can be legitimately questioned), I find it banal, repulsive, childish and stupid - at least in the way it is normally said these days in many countries. I will admit (since I've witnessed it) that a Novus Ordo said in Latin, with the priest facing ad orientem, and bereft of all the hand-shaking, clapping, bad singing rubbish that adorns most of them, can be acceptable. But only acceptable and no more.

carmeljamaica said...

To M,

I wrote out a response to you in a blog post here.

Anonymous said...

Especially the extremely bad music in many churches or no music at all: a lay woman(usually) proclaiming the Hallelujah acclamation as if she would announce today's menu, with indifferent and mumbling voices.
Any kind of trying to suggest a change to more reverence, more beauty in music (gregorian and classical) is usually met with hostility. Or plain indifference.
And not only by parishioners but by not so few parish priests as well.