Friday, March 22, 2013

Cardinal: Canonization of John Paul II Possible by October

Lissabon ( The Emeritus Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins expects the canonization of John Paul II. (1978-2005) this year still. The former Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints explained to the Lisbon boulevard magazine der "Correio da Manha" (Tuesday), that there is no certainty in these things. It is however "probable" that Pope Wojtyla will be canonized in October.

Martins explained that it is the 35th year since the beginning of the Pontificate of
Johannes Paul II. The Polish Pope was elected the head of the Catholic Church on the 16th of October 1978. The test of the alleged miracle to validate John Paul II which began a few days after his beatification in May of 2011 is in it's end phase according to the Cardinal. Some doctors have already stated that there is no scientific explanation for the for the unexplained healing of the healing of sick people.

Martins did not give further details about the miraculous healings. The Congregatio for Canonization and Beatification have on hand hundreds of reports of alleged miracles by the intercession of John Paul II.   The recognition of a miracle is a preparation for a canonization.  It must happen after his beatification on the 1st of May 2011.

Since the end of December it has been speculated about that the Wojtyla-Pope will be canonized in the next October.  His 26 year Pontificate was the second longest in the history of the Church, whose beatification was the shortest of modern Church history.  The healing of a French Nun of Parkinson’s had been recognized as a miracle in June of 2005.

The canonization is the solemn declaration of the Pope over the exemplary Christian life of a person and about his ultimate acceptance by God.  After the canonization in the course of a Liturgy, the person concerned may be honored worldwide.

An Italian song about Pope John Paul II., “A man, who came from afar."

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beagle said...

Oh man.

Anonymous said...

If this false canonization takes place it will be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the Faithful and a sin against all that is Holy. May Heaven intervene before such a sin can be committed.

Anonymous said...

Heaven will NOT intervene until the final hour because we deserve everything we are getting since 1958... only when everything appears to be lost (by that I mean the remnant elect are in danger of annihilation) will heaven make a move to destroy evil.

Anonymous said...

JP2: Humanist, Ham actor,... author of the infamous, modernist, assisi prayer days. May God interrupt this process.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't Polish, he was a ....but they keep it a secret.