Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Next Pope Will Decide on the SSPX: No Ultimatum

Edit: The decision won’t be made by laymen who work for secular or allegedly Catholic news services, heterodox senior clergy or anyone else who doesn’t have the competence to make the decision. No doubt, those older hands, with a little professional advice, will help the next pope, provided that Pope Benedict doesn’t recant his abdication before February 28th at 8pm. As reported by the Society German District and at English DICI, there will be no “ultimatum” as prescribed by lesser lights. There is no deadline. As VIS reports:
Regarding the issue of the Society of St. Pius X, he reaffirmed that the date of 22 February to decide the issue is pure hypothesis and that Benedict XVI has decided to entrust the matter to the next Pope, therefore, a definition of relations with that society should not be expected by the end of this pontificate.


Anonymous said...

This my brief follow up on combox for Tancred's previous post 'Chronology of SSPX and Vatican'. I commented at RorateCaeli in three short sentences as to why there would be no further 'negotiations' between Pope Benedict and the SSPX before 28 Ferbruary. And I was absolutely polite not commenting on the silly conversation over there. I'm not interested in that Site anymore. And Tancred,thanks for the chronology.It is a very good resource.

Tancred said...

Rorate is accused of being too sympathetic to the Society frequently, and I don’t often post over there, but I found their last post on the negotiations just as irresponsible as anything by Catholic Culture, Tornielli, or others who seem just as eager to see these talks come to an end as the anti-accordistas do.