Friday, February 15, 2013

Papal Electors and the “Old” Mass -- an Initial Preview on the Conclave

(Rome) During the last days of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. a glance has already been made at the possible successors of Christ’s representative on Earth, successor of the successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Peter and Bishop of Rome.  According to Church law any baptized Catholic man can be elected.  It follows from ecclesiastical praxis that the future Pope in any case is selected from the circle of the Conclave participants.  At this point a glance should be cast on each of the Cardinals, who belong to the Conclave and have already celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite or have taken part in such a celebration.  Of 117 Cardinals, who will be closed in the Sixtine Chapel, this applies to 22 Cardinals.  Almost every fifth member of the papal voters have had direct contact with the traditional form of the Roman Rite through the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum.  The longest serving Cardinals among them is the Mexican, Juan Cardinal Sandoval Iniguez, emeritus Archbishop of Guadelajara.  He was already in 1994, accepted in the College of Cardinals. Among the the Cardinals declared in last two extraordinary Consistoriums of the past year there are none, who celebrate the “Old Mass” or have assisted at one.

Further Cardinals, among howm two, are considered “papabili”, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, the emeritus Archbishop of Quebec, the Primate of Canada, and since 2010 Prefect of the Bishops’ Congregation to the Roman Curia (Cardinal since 2003), and Timothy Cardinal Dolan, since 2009 Archbishop of New York and since 2010, the President of the American Bishops’ Conference (Cardinal since 2012), have enacted the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum in their own areas of jurisdiction.

The following is a list of the Papal electors who have already celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the traditional, Tridentine Rite or have assisted at such:

Albert Malcolm Kardinal Ranjith Patabendige Don, born 1947, 2005-2009 Secretary of the Kongregation for Liturgy and the Order of the Sacramento, Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal since 2010

Keith Michael Patrick Cardinal O‘Brien, born 1938, Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh and Primate of Scotland, Cardinal since 2003

Franc Cardinal Rodé, Lazarist, born 1934, em. Archbishop of Laibach, em. Prefect of the Congregation for the Institutes Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life, Cardinal since 2006

John Cardinal Tong Hon, born 1939, Bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal since 2012

Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Jahrgang 1945, em. Archbishop of Toledo und Primate of Spain, Prefect for the  Congregation for Liturgy and the Order of the Sacraments, Cardinal since 2006

Cardinal Lluís Martínez Sistach i, born in 1937, the Archbishop of Barcelona, ​​Cardinal since 2007

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, born in 1948, em. Archbishop of Saint Louis, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, Cardinal since 2010

Francis Eugene Cardinal George, Oblate of immaculate Virgin Mary, born in 1937, Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal since 1998

William Joseph Levada, born in 1936, em. Archbishop of San Francisco, em. Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal since 2006

Sean Patrick Cardinal O'Malley, Capuchin, born in 1947, Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal since 2006

Donald William Cardinal Wuerl, born in 1940, the Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal since 2010

Philippe Xavier Ignace Cardinal Barbarin, born in 1950, Archbishop of Lyon and Primate of the Gauls, Cardinal since 2003

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, born in 1944, Archbishop of Bordeaux, Cardinal since 2006

André Cardinal Armand Vingt-Trois, born in 1942, archbishop of Paris, and Primate of France, Cardinal from 2007

Ennio Cardinal Antonelli, born in 1936, em. Archbishop of Florence, em. President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Cardinal since 2003

Angelo Cardinal Bagnasco, born in 1943, Archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal since 2007

Carlo Cardinal Caffarra, born in 1938, Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal since 2006

Velasio Cardinal De Paolis, was born in 1935, the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo, em. Prefect for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See, Cardinal since 2010

Angelo Cardinal Scola, born in 1941, em. Patriarch of Venice, archbishop of Milan, Cardinal since 2003

Juan Cardinal Sandoval Iñiguez, born in 1933, em. Archbishop of Gudalajara, Cardinal since 1994

Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz, born in 1939, Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal since 2006

Kazimierez Cardinal Nycz, born in 1950, archbishop of Warsaw, Cardinal since 2010

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Elizabeth said...

Loud groan at the mention of Cardinal Dolan. Lord, please, no.

I don't know anything about any of the Cardinals listed other than Cardinal Burke and Cardinal George. Between those two, if I had my druthers, my choice would definitely be Burke. I like and respect Cardinal George but he's way too prudent for these evil times. He's also not what I would consider overly enamored with all things Traditional. He's not a liberal but he's not a traditional Cardinal either. Burke I'd trust.

Anonymous said...

The likelihood of an American being elected is next to nothing, and it would somewhat surprise me if anyone as old as George (76) were chosen this time. Among the names I've seen presented as credible papabili (leaving aside names like Arinze, which were only bandied about because of lazy reporters), only Bertone is over the age of 75.

Burke or Rajinth would be too much to hope for. Our best hopes on the list are probably Cañizares Llovera (who seems to be a bit of a long shot) and Scola (who might be a real possibility if the Italians come together as a block).

grossed out said...

The WSJournal says that Roger Mahony is "lucky to not be in jail" never mind to be an elector of the next Pope! I would say he's not the only one and I can't imagine how these men can even show their face in public after the crimes they have committed and abetted. Justice is hot on their heals- either in this world or the next! God help them and us.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the article over at Rorate Caeli? It names names as far as the Lavender Mafia. It is a must read I think.

Tancred said...

Rorate is a Johnny come lately on that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I read this ,the homosexual mafia in the Church,here several months ago.

Tancred said...

Thank God for They’re one of the few online voices that really seems to GET how the abuse scandal is being instrumentalized to destroy the Church’s influence.

Aged parent said...

Tancred is indeed right that Rorate is a bit late to this party. The Lavendar Mafia connections of many of the Cardinals has been pretty well documented here and elsewhere for years. And those tolerant of sexual perversion include not only Levada, Wuerl and Mahony (just mentioning those names makes me want to vomit), but George and Dolan as well.

A three-part series on the invaluable Christian Order website discusses these things in great detail. Here is a link to Part Three:

But read parts One and Two as well.

The homo factor looms large here, I am terrified to point out, but the only thing that will defeat them is fasting and prayer, and we are in the perfect Season now to do just that. Let us therefore fast and pray this Lent that God sends us not the Pope we deserve but the Pope we need.

Geremia said...

Although I would love it if the American Card. Burke, who's said numerous TLMs, were elected, Card. Carlo Caffarra is certainly the best best. He's the only Italian cardinal (that I know of) to have said the TLM since the introduction of the Novus (dis)Ordo. Being Italian certainly gives him a chance of being pope; he specializes in matrimony, medical ethics, moral theology, and has a doctorate in canon law.

The New York Times interviewed him in 1988, and he gave a very solid response regarding AIDS and contraception: "Even the smallest moral wrong is so much greater than any physical wrong," he said. "I know this is hard for some to accept when the dangers are great, but the church is here to combat moral wrongs."

Here's his biography from the Vatican website.

Geremia said...

We mustn't forget that "homoheresy" is a sign of its cause: idolatry.

Cf. Romans 1:
Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God or given thanks: but became vain in their thoughts. And their foolish heart was darkened. [...] Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause, God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts, one towards another: men with men, working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. [...] Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death: and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.

Anonymous said...

Why did Pope Benedict abdicate ? He is old and and he doesn't feel well at all.He is still able to carry himself with dignity. But there are barbarians at the gate and wolves at the very door. I haven't been one of his greatest 'fans',but I've never said much at all about that.He definitely needs and deserves our prayers.I don't know who can really clean the house and all the CLOSETS but God.Pray in utmost earnest for the Conclave to do their Sacred duty.Pray in earnest for the coming Pope.

Anonymous said...

Is my comment somewhere? No bother. One more thing An Anon@ reluctant sinner said,"the Pope has to traipse around the world because the bishops,clergy aren't doing their job." Right. Don't you think this extreme traipsing should stop? The March of Modernism continues. These are now expectations and demands. Aren't there persons in the Vatican who are supposed to protect the Pope, care for his well-being?

Praying for a holy and Catholic pope said...

This is an excerpt from a re-posted article on Catholic Family News' website. too bad it wasn't required reading for our last several popes.:

Saint Alphonsus Ligouri Concerning the Election of a New Pope

"The new Pope should be vigilant to confer benefices only on those who have loyally served the Church and not just anybody indiscriminately. He should use particular diligence in this choice of bishops since it is on them that the service of God and the salvation of souls mainly depends. He should pay great attention to informing himself beforehand about their moral conduct and their leaning, both of which are necessary for the good government of their dioceses. And as regards those bishops already in their dioceses, he should inform himself secretly from the metropolitans and others about their conduct, to ascertain if they are paying little attention to the good of their flock."

What would Ligouri think if he looked upon the bishops and cardinals today, and of the popes who placed them in these positions?

Anonymous said...

to Praying for a holy and Catholic Pope: Thanks for sharing this. And when the Cardinals go into the Conclave all lay Catholics should pray without ceasing that they pray without ceasing with pure and holy intention.+

Not Tito Edwards said...

My problem with Rorate Caeli is their removal of comments and refusal to post comments that might make them a little uncomfortable with regards to the FSSP. Yet they have no problem with comments against the SSPX even when they are devoid of the facts. Embarrassingly so I might add. Shame on the uninformed, ignorant "traditional" Catholic.