Friday, February 22, 2013

Italian “Newspaper” Alleges Curial Blackmail

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Edit: it’s always a mark of suspicion when a news story becomes universally acclaimed and repeated to the point where its assertions, misapprehensions, inaccuracies or malice become common currency.

Remember when the Eponymous Flower Blog posted the story from Father Dariuscz Oko back at the end of October? The courageous Polish priest is studying the homosexual subculture within the Church in connection with a Vatican investigation. This priest said then that the Holy Father has been persistently working to combat evil within the Church. Still, who can say what his abdication means to this battle. Obviously, there are those who will attempt to portray this as a failure of the Church to act responsibly and will attempt to shame the Holy Father’s efforts. Who will win indeed, the wolves or the shepherds?

Presently the suggestion is that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned not for the reasons he’s stated, but for more pecuniary, and even possibly reasons of a more scandalous nature.

The following is an interesting blog entry from a Doctor Robert Mouynihan who is the founder of Vatican Inside Magazine,  on the Catholic lane blog, with the very encouraging title, “Italian Press Alleges Curia Blackmail".

The story involves the revelation of a study which was ordered by the Holy Father to determine the source of a problem within the Church’s hierarchy and Its employees. Three trusted senior Cardinals were chosen and they very methodically interviewed, compiled charts and information to provide a presentation of the raw material they’d collected. Unfortunately, the information was leaked to other agencies, clearly not trustworthy or ideologically reliable, like the anti-Catholic, and Socialist, La Repubblica.  It has an agenda, shockingly or not, like the New York Times in the US.

The origin of this story and the way it’s being spun is the problem. Doctor Moynihan is going to explore the story by talking to those who’ve originated it, namely it’s principle originator, Ignazio Ingrao, who is known as a Vaticanista, operating the blog “Urbi et Orbi”. It should be clear that no one can deny the pedigree of the Italian paper that is disseminating this spin, but what of those who’ve accepted its interpretation uncritically, and worse, come to more uncharitable conclusions than the originator of this story. Indeed, the publication which hosts Mr. Ingrao’s blog,, is part of the Burlesconi publishing empire. Surely this is an unbiased source, considering the long standing hostility of Mr. Berlusconi for the teachings of the Church, if not the Church Herself.

Doctor Moynhian shouldn’t have to go far to see what’s behind this portrayal.

Here’s an excerpt:

While we were speaking, Italian journalist Iacopo Scaramuzzi, another excellent Vaticanist, came up. He waited respectfully a few steps away, and came up when I nodded to him and stepped away toward the kiosk. I bought the two copies of La Repubblica. When I returned, Scaramuzzi was asking Saraiva Martins questions about the Pope’s resignation, about the Pope’s mood during these days of Spiritual Exercises, and about the qualities of spirit and character that the next Pope will need.

As the two spoke, a reporter and cameraman from Associated Press walked up. “May we?” they asked, with the camera already rolling. For a while they filmed the conversation, and then the AP journalist broke in, asking if Saraiva Martins had read the news that had broken that morning in La Repubblica, about the alleged blackmail of Vatican officials. Saraiva Martins glanced at me, holding the two copies of the paper, then said, “No, I cannot make any comment on that. I haven’t yet read the article.”

A moment later, the interview was over, and Saraiva Martins and I began to walk away toward his residence nearby. I waited until we were under the colonnade opposite the press office, in front of the Ancora bookstore, then handed him the second copy of La Repubblica. He thanked me and he said we could speak again after the end of the Spiritual Exercises on Saturday.

Indeed, some might remember that Vatileaks butler Paolo Gabriele has some possible connections in a Monastery closed by the Holy Father as reported by Orbis Catholicus.


schmenz said...

Obviously one cannot comment on the veracity of every detail in the article in the Italian press. However there is no doubt whatsoever that a sort of homosexual "mafia" is well in place in certain sections of the Church. What else explains the rise of Bernardin, Mahony, Weakland,etc., not to mention the homo scandals?

Not everything put out by the Left can be dismissed out of hand.

Tancred said...

The spin of this story should be dismissed. The idea that there was a coverup and that somehow the Holy Father is implicated.

Just like any other character assassination by the Left, it works according to a template which they don’t deviate from much.

schmenz said...

Based on what we know I would agree with you regarding the spin. All the more reason why I believe Benedict should re-consider his abdication and stay the course.

I'm afraid his renunciation of Peter's Chair is going to provide more fuel to the Left's fire. The more I see of this the more ill-advised I think his abdication is.

P.J.David said...

Now everything depends upon the HOLY GHOST and the out come of the Conclave.God will not forsake us now.
O Mary conceieved without sin pray for us who have recourse to Thee.
Jesus Our Lord and Saviour we imlore Thee to Give us a Good and Holy Pope.D