Wednesday, February 6, 2013

German Caritas Association is Directed by an Abortion-Prelate

The Tie-Priest Fr. Neher, Caritas, endorsed the use of the abortifacient pill --
when will Cardinal Meisner remove him from ecclesiastical functions?
[Screen shot ARD, Broadcast cited in article]
In the ARD- broadcast "In the name of God -- how merciless is the official Church?" with Guenther Jauch endorsing Fr. Peter Neher as President of the German Caritas Association in a scurrilous erroneous interpretation of Cardinal Meisner's statements on "the morning after abortion pill".

Caritas President for Abortion

As to the question of anti-Church moderator Gunther Jauch, what the clarification of Cardinal Meisner on the "morning after abortion pill" now means to Catholic hospitals,  Suit-and-Tie-Prelate Peter Neher (Broadcast of 3 February 2013, 11:45,  section from 15 minutes and 15 seconds):

Fr. Neher:  "I think it's now relatively difficult to state the Cardinal's relatively clear statements again: did he intend this, didn't he intend it.  He has said quite clearly,  and as I understand Cardinal Meisner, he would never have made this public, if he did not have exact information. ... for me it clearly means, he had plainly decided between a preventative pill and a pill which effects an abortion.  He clearly differentiated that.  And what I find extremely important: he once again made it very clear, that Catholic hospitals also support a woman in her decision and, if the woman then decides to take this pill and that it has an abortifacient effect,  then it also has to respect the Catholic hospital.  And I think that's an enormous statement, because once again clearly establishes the value of personal conscience and the personal decision.  This is not a frivolous concession to the Zeitgeist, but I believe very well that the Cardinal has also made clear that there can be situations which actually lie between life and death and can affect even the woman."

There is no "pill afterwards" without possible death

Previously, the gynecologist Bernhard von Tongelen explained that there would be no "after pill",  which has a preventative effect.  As the fertilization of the egg takes place, these pill work as preventing implantation, and therefore have an abortifacient effect, thus killing a newly created life.

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