Friday, February 1, 2013

CDF Challenges German Bishops and SSPX

Rom ( The Prefect of the Vatican Congregation of the Doctrine and the Faith, Archbishop Mueller, sees a pogrom continuing against the Catholic Church, in and interview with the newspaper "Die Welt", that a "deliberate campaign to discredit" against the Catholic Church in North America and in North America and with us in Europe has accomplished, that priests in some areas are now become completely public pariahs. The Prefect speaks of artificially manufactured anger which already today recalls a pogrom. In blogs and also in television Müller continued, "were attacks aimed against the Catholic Church, whose armaments go back to the assault of totalitarian ideologies against Christendom. "

Archbishop Mueller has directed criticisms also on the dialog process of the German Bishops' Conference and said: "dialog process is good. But the substance must be discussed and not the same old problems on the table as like new." As an example of always new problems on the table, Mueller named "the promotion to sacramental orders for women. It is not possible. Not because women are of less value, but because it is in the nature of the sacrament, that Christ is represented as the groom in relation to his bride." Also, an acceptance of same sex partnerships are not possible for the Catholic Church. These partnerships are not to be compared in any way to marriage " The Prefect also defended celibacy: "Celibacy of the priest corresponds to the example and word of Jesus and has a special spiritual significance in the spiritual experience of the Latin Rite.

There is "no indication that those presiding in the Church would be shaken, from certain false statements, as if it were a necessity, to practice sexuality, within or outside of the Church. The un married state "has been established in the kingdom of heaven in the Gospel." Mueller gave that in so far as there is a "lack of reform" in the Catholic Church, that "substantial themes" are not being tackled.

The Prefect meant here concretely the participation in the Sacraments and the knowledge of the Faith." Also the The theme of the "Pius Society" which he spelled out clearly. The patience of the Vatican with the separation of Traditionalists is not endless: "The Congregation has presented the Society with the Dogmatic Preamble. There has been no answer to it. We won't wait forever." [But the patience is endless for dissident Bishops and clergy]

Daraufhin ist bis jetzt keine Antwort erfolgt. Wir warten aber nicht endlos."


Lowly Catholic Commoner said...

DEAR Cardinal Mueller, you labor under a few falsehoods.

#1 It is not the SSPX who makes overtures to Rome but the other way around. The SSPX need not approach Rome for anything as they never left the Catholic Church, nor Her teachings, Her grace, Her blessings, etc. etc. etc. Therefore...they already have it all. It is not the SSPX who knocks on Rome's door. On the contrary, the SSPX wisely guards their door AGAINST Rome.

#2 Even I know that the Society has responded to Rome's "preamble" twice if not three times. Maybe you missed the memo on that. Oh wait. No. You couldn't have. Because you were the one who tampered with the last response before the pope received it.

#3 As far as "your" patience having an end, you and the ONLY AUTHORITY in Rome (which is NOT you) can wait till you all turn blue. Unless of course YOUR BOSS the pope decides to publicly reject the CONDEMNED Modernist nonsense spewed since VatII. This I believe was made quite clear in ALL the responseS (read: plural) to Rome's "preamble".

Now, even a little Commoner Catholic like myself knows what Rome knows. And that is that as long as there is this priestly society who has remained Catholic, held fast to the Faith, publicly refutes the nonsense and outright LIES, rejecting the Jewish Freemason agenda that has all but overtaken the Church, then that agenda will forever be publicly known as ILLEGITIMATE. Regardless of how many false beatifications of hacks, tools and fools who have knowingly done their bidding.

Now, my DEAR Cardinal Muller, I am not suggesting that you might be one of those hacks, tools or fools. Even though you do sound like one. But should you ever get wind of your future beatification in the Modernist Church, you may have to place that hat on your head yourself.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery,
A lowly Catholic Commoner (who may be lowly but is not stupid)

Aged parent said...

Well said, lowly Catholic Commoner.

That bit about "We wont wait forever" was truly breathtaking. They waited "forever" while slimeballs Weakland, Mahony, et al were plying their sickening trade. And they are still "waiting" for the likes of Wuerl, Dolan, Schonborn, et al to start acting like Catholic prelates.

But for the SSPX they are running out of patience. Sickening.

Mookie said...

There's so much crap going on; you'd think Arbp. Mueller would have something to do besides repeatedly troll the SSPX.

Anonymous said...

That is because Cdl Muller feels threatened by the Society. It has looked for awhile now as though Cdl Muller has developed a mental disturbance over it all. After all, the SSPX stands in defiance of their evils and errors. So for Cdl Muller et al it must like standing in front of the face of Jesus and telling Him "Oh! But You must bow to "the" Council! And You must sign a preamble that says you accept all that "the" Council says even that which You Yourself have condemned by the hands of pius popes." So you see, there is a reason for Cdl Muller's paranoia. I also mostly firmly believe that he is quite jealous of His Excellency Bishop Fellay.

Anonymous said...

As someone said,"Come Anglicans,Lutherrans,Anyone,except SSPX. In the case of these Catholics Rome has serious doubt.