Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Suggestions" and DDoS- Attacks

Edit: has reappeared again after a a brief absence.  They intend to continue.

Expected "cordiality" has been inclined to the internet site

As the provider informed us on 9 January, 2013 "the excess of daily DDos-attacks (...) were so large, that entire parts of our network were effected by it.  This also resulted that along with your  client server, other customers were significantly impacted."

From security grounds the server was removed from the net (and now a more capable server has been undertaken."

Before this, the provider had already been informed, that their willingness to provide a server could damage their business.

The internet site "" will naturally carry on.  There is no reason not to do this.

The information site is also searchable under


Geremia said...

Is it known who organized the DDoS attacks? It could be the same people who brought down for a few hours earlier last year.

Tancred said...

Anonymous has been attacking them pretty much non-stop for the last year.

Geremia said...

Oh yes, nominous Anonymous…

Geremia said...

Does Anonymous explicitly claim to attack

Tancred said...

Yes, there was even a faction that wanted to protect because of "freedom of speech", which dubbed "Hackers for God" or something. It was kind of silly.