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Organ Donors: Even Their Pulse Increases

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It wasn't possible for me to leave behind a legally binding wish, that I didn't want to give my organs. by Carmen Gorski.

( Since the 1st of November there is  a new transplant law in power.

The hospitals have regularly to ask every member over the age of 16, if, in the event of a so-called brain death, they will donate their organs or not.

There will be advisements sent on which the answer will be noted.

It was not possible

I personally didn't want to give any organs.

For that reason I contacted my health insurance and announced a legally binding deposition of my wishes.  I then learned that this was not possible.

At first it was explained to me that the computer is not programed for that.  Then it was said that it wasn't possible because of the confidentiality of data.

Yes, that is called, no

As I  then advised them that it was my own data and I relinquished the data protection, it was explained, there is a legal regulation,  where it is forbidden, to make the desired entry.

Upon my question as to the legal situation -- law and paragraph -- it was explained to me, that there was no legal regulation.

Then I explained that the entry therefore could actually be made.

No, one may not -- was the answer:  I have to first give a legal condition, to record my wish.  Actually, there wouldn't have been one.

The only way out

I contacted the insurance company 'Securvita', the 'Barmer Ersatzkasse' and the 'Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse' (AOK).  All the same.

It was regularly explained to me that I could check out on my identification that I don't want to donate any organs.

Only: An identification can in any case be lost in an accident -- and the data is never entered.

Because it is usually addressed to relatives or according to a patient testament -- was explained to me.

Why not at the insurer?

Only I well knew that the organ harvesting in clinics is not as rare as time.

Why can the institution, which is contacted because of payment in any case -- the insurance fund -- will not accept my wish,  to which it is obliged by law, which regularly in any case asks if I am an organ donor?

It seems to me that they ask a direct question to afford the advancement of as many donors as possible.

Resorting to fossilized cards?

It can't really be that in our today's IT- dominated society to return again to fossilized cards, whose data is never entered.

A national register or similar as in Austria is clearly not available.

On that point  the outcry of the Church is absent, which is known to every normal thinking person, that the brain dead aren't really dead.

That isn't a bone picker

The circulation functions in an apparently brain dead person even so with digestion.

There are typical pain reactions upon the removal of the organs.  The blood pressure increases.  The pulse increases.  There is sweat and tissue tension.

Often, sedatives are administered to the allegedly deceased when their organs are removed.

This isn't the case of picking bones, but clearly and simply state sanctioned murder.

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