Sunday, November 25, 2012

News Stories -- New Office Manager of the Liturgy Congregation

New Office Manager of the Liturgy Congregation

Vatican.  The US- Abbot John Zilinski of the Olivetaner Benedictines is the new Office Manager of the Liturgy Congregation.  This was reported by the Vatican Press Service yesterday.  The Pope additionally named Msgr. William Crea (61) as new Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland.  He has been a pastor.  The past Bishop, Msgr. John Magee (76) resigned in March 2010 because of the abuse-hoax.

Speechless Conciliar Catholics

Germany.  The Christians -- in contrast to Musselmen -- have lost their ability to speak in the area of religion.  This was maintained by the Old Liberal Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier at a podium discussion for Protestant Penance and Bed Day. Msgr Ackermann didn't comment also upon the preparedness to affirm religious questions.

Lutheran Pastor Preaches for 'Radio Vatican'

Vatican.  Yesterday the Lutheran Pastor Jens-Martin Kruse spoke on Radio Vatican on the observation of the Gospel of the Feast of Christ the King, which the Protestants don't have.  Kruse's words about Christ as the true King belonged to that which is what one would have expected from a Concliar priest of a Neoconservative orientation.

Man Rampages in Roman Church

Italy.  Yesterday a man dressed as a Roman Legionary of Milan (30) damaged the Roman church Santa Francesca Romana in the Roman Forum.  The perpetrator stormed the church during Mass and began to rampage.  Police officials overpowered him.  The resulting damages were extensive.

Martin Mosebach as Ultramontane

Germany.  The writer Martin Mosebach has published his book in Aubsburg's 'Sankt Ulrich Verlag' his book "Der Ultramontane -- Alle Wege Fuehren nach Rom" [The Ultramontane -- All Roads Lead to Rome].  It contains several essays -- among which is a recently published text on blasphemy.  In the forward Mosebach explained that he is not just obliged to follow state laws.  He shows himself to the Pope -- as Christ's representative on earth -- as the superior authority.  This is what marks the Ultramontanist Catholic.

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