Sunday, November 18, 2012

Frontal Attack: "Dominus Jesus" is "Unfortunately Formulated"

Kardinal Kurt Koch
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Cardinal Kurt Koch

Fidelity to the Pope and to the Conciliar Magisterium is only expected of the Society of St Pius X -- not Old Liberal Curial Cardinals, who are undermining the Faith.

( The statement in 'Dominus Jesus" that Protestants are not churches in the proper sense, is a stumbling block and an "unfortunate formulation".

This is what Old Liberal Cardinal Kurt Koch -- President of the Pontifical Office for Unity said at an event of the Old Liberal 'Focolare Movement' in Bern according to reports by the Swiss weekly 'Reformierte Press'.

'Dominus Jesus' is a declaration by the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith in August of 2000.  It was signed by then Cardinal Ratzinger.

A Piece of Bread

Cardinal Koch answered in the negative, if he found it correct to refuse Reformed Christians Communion.

"I would never refuse this to anyone who came to Communion.  I've never personally done this."

For the Reformed their Supper is a piece of bread, that recalls Holy Thursday.

A Charter for Hocus Pocus Communion?

Cardinal Koch only wants to "speak" to the Reformed Christians who snap up Communion.

The 'Reformed Press" asked if this statement by the Cardinal is a "charter for Swiss priests", to give their hocus pocus Communion to people who don't believe in it?

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Anonymous said...

Get the fly swatter.

Clinton R. said...

Why His Eminence would belong to a Church he so obviously hates is beyond me. Oh wait, it's better to be inside so his poison can be directly injected into the Bride of Christ. Misere nobis.

Dan said...

What can we say about a Pope who appoints such men as this?

Tancred said...

Not much, I'm afraid.