Monday, November 12, 2012

Bishop Fellay: "Where is the Continuation in the Council?"

The General Superior of the Society of Pius X yesterday put his finger to the wounds of the ecclesiastical break of Tradition.

 ( During yesterday's feast of St. Martin, Bishop Fellay -- the General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X -- celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in the Parisian church of St. Nicolas-du-Chardonnet.

It is the largest house of God entrusted to the fathers of the Society.

Month of Suffering

The sermon of the Bishop was clear and to the point.

He referred to the time of the negotiations with the Vaticans proposed dogmatic statement as the "month of suffering, of disquiet and anguish for us."

The Society found itself in the same situation as Marcel Lefebvre found in 1974.

Pressure from Rome

It was then that Rome tried to bring great pressure through its local Bishops upon the still authorized seminary of Ecône to bring it in line with the Council.

Msgr Lefebvre resisted this on the 21st of November 1974 with a "declaration of intent".

Therein he repudiated the neo-Modernist and neo-Protestantic tendencies of the Council.

In Assisi?

Msgr. Fellay spoke in his sermon about the break with Tradition, which consummated itself after the Second Vatican in the Conciliar Church.

"Where is Continuity in the Council?" -- he asked.

His answer: "In Assisi? In the kissing of the Koran by John Paul II.?"

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