Thursday, November 22, 2012

Assassination in the Parliament of Luxembourg

No to the abolition of the rights of parents to watch over the health of their children and no to dissipating tension in families.

(  Today at 1400 hrs the Parliament of Luxembourg is to proceed on the legal project, that proposes to modify the criminal abortion legislation.

This was reported by the blog ''.

With the help of an unworthy maneuver, the date for the discussion was not published until the last minute.

The project is dehumanizing.

It leaves the mother the complete impulse to decide over the life of her child.

The legislative proposal suffices, that where the mother ascertains that her pregnancy will put her "In an emergency situation", she may slaughter her innocent child.

Minors may abort against the wishes of their parents.

Only the social service is obligated to convince the minor mother, that she should inform her parents or legal guardian.

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