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Salzburg Archbishop in Confrontation With the Pope

Erzbischof Alois Kothgasser
 von Salzburg

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Obeying and signing theological preambles are only for the Traditionalists.  Papally appointed Bishops may do and are left to do what they want.

(, Brixen)  From the 2nd to the 4th of October, a Conference of Deans took place in the south Tyrol city of Brixen.

Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Salzburg and Bishop Ivo Muser of Bozen-Brixen are taking part.

At the end of the conference the correction of the words of consecration of the chalice was discussed.

They Don't Obey the Pope

Already in 2006 the Papal Liturgy Congregation asked for a correction in the false translation of the words of consecration for the chalice till 2009.

Because the German Bishops so Benedict XVI had to personally mend it on April 14th because the German Bishops refused to comply with it.

He demanded in a letter to the Bishops, that they finally correct the words of consecration.

That has to happen before Advent of 2013 due to practical considerations.  Because then the new German song book "Gotteslob" (Divine Praise) which contain the Mass texts.

No Official Decision?

Because of the new song book the Deans' Conference occupied itself in Brixen with the translation of the consecration of the chalice. (Where the words "for many" are used instead of "all")

Msgr. Kothgasser chimed in on the theme.  He explained that till now "only a letter"  with the Pope's "wish" is at hand.

The document of the Pope was swept off the table as an "inducement".  It is being handled apparently as not consisting of an official decision.

He is hiding behind the Italians

This still must fall to the German Bishops themselves before the printing of the Divine Praises (Gotteslobes)

Msgr. Kothgasser recalled that he Italian Bishops had decided for the incorrect translation of "for all".

He was silent though that this agreement took place before the Pope's letter of April.

The Archbishop Wants "For All"

The Archbishop himself clearly expressed  his commitment  to use for the false translation "for all".

He based his defense of the false translation with a false understanding of the universal salvific will of God.

At the same time he has to understand, that in the meantime he depends on a single man, to accept the offered salvation or not.

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such are the situations in the modern church. no obedience....clearly the Vatican II document that has gotten the most reading was Non Serviam.

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