Friday, October 26, 2012

Pedophiles in the Pfarrer Initiative

Fr. Schüller is a welcome guest
 at Ex-Reichssender Wien (ORF).

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Edit: but there's no urgency about it as far as the media are concerned.  They protect and cover up for their own.

It is a fact that practically all abuse-priests are born from the Old Liberal camp.  Actually, Fr. Helmut Schüller finds the right words.

(  The 'Disobedience Initiative' of Fr. Helmut Schüller has been confronted with the accusation of child abuse.

This was reported by former Wien Reichsender (Fascist broadcaster), ORF (Austrian Broadcasting).

A Slanderer Slanders the other Slanderer

The allegation originates from the slanderous site "Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt". [Victims of Church Violence]

It explains a "known perpetrator of abuse" is also a member of the 'Initiative'.

Almost every single abuse-priest comes from the Old Liberal camp.

A Known Sitiation

Among the anti-Church hangers on of Schüller can be found the former Benedictine Arch-abbot Bruno Becker of St. Peter in Salzburg.

Allegations against him have been known in the media since March 2010.

The second member is related to a Steyerian priest who is also accused of child sexual abuse.

An Enemy of the Church Protects Another Enemy of the Church

The leader of the disobedience group held forth in a statesmanlike manner: "We must ponder, how we behave in such circumstances."

However, he doesn't have any urgency -- but it's otherwise usually in such cases :  This may be dealt with in the next meeting of the board of the Pfarrer-Initiative.

The anti-Church Reichsender is defending as expected the enemy of the Church: "[Fr.] Helmut Schüller has taken the allegations of the site seriously"  -- will be the consolation.

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