Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Linz Bishop Pulls Safety Cord

Der Bischof von Linz,
Mons. Ludwig Schwarz

© Pressefoto Bistum Linz
The Old Liberal Lay Board wants to manipulate the inside of the Cathedral of Linz for 45,000 euro, in order to propagate their reinterpretation of the Second Vatican Council.

(, Linz) Yesterday, Bishop Ludwig Schwarz stopped a project "Catholic Action Upper Austria".  It wanted to hold a Lay Council hostile to the Catholic Faith.

This was according to the regional paper 'Oberösterreichische Nachrichten'.

The church-hostile paper made its first appearance during the Nazi period under the name 'Oberdonau-Zeitung -- Amtliche Zeitung of the NSDAP' (Official paper of the National Socialists).   It was Church-hostile then too.

The Bishop Confirmed them Himself

The project was originated by the president of 'Katolischen Aktion', Bert Brandstetter.  He is a notorious Old Liberal and enemy of the Church.

Brandstetter demands women's ordination which is against the Gospels, at ever opportunity.

In Autumn 2011 Bishop Schwarz confirmed the election of Brandstetter,  who makes no secret of his Old Liberalism.

At first the Bishop was in Agreement

Last December Brandstetter wanted to propose to form a supposed Diocesan Council.

Bishop Schwarz still praised the proposal.

Now the project has gotten too big for him.

Council Stage in the Cathedral

Brandstetter wants to build a Conciliar hall in Linz's Cathedral like the one that stood in St. Peter's Cathedral during Vatican II.

The project with two grandstands may cost 45,000 euro. Brandstetter has already beaten up som sponsors.

First thing yesterday he stopped the project.  He defended the decision with the sacrality of the Liturgical space.

Brandstetter wants to still play with fire (A play on his name which means scene of the fire.)

Brandstetter is disappointed, but will realize other ideas.

In any event there aren't any planned for church grounds.

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