Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leftist Attacks on Catholic Church in Spain and Argentina

Violent Attacks by Enemies of the Church Increase
(Madrid/Buenos Aires)  Two violent attacks against the Church and Catholics. Two events independent of one another in different places.  Nevertheless, there are significant connections.  In common there is a horrifying hatred of Christendom and the Catholic Church.

Argentina: Radical Feminists Attempt to Storm the Cathedral -- "The only enlightening Church is a burning Church"

From the 6th to the 8th of October, a national women's meeting (Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres), a finalist, lay and left organization, took place.  A group of 500 radical feminists poured through the streets with the demand of the decriminalization for the murder of unborn children, and damaged then schools, private homes, autos and memorials.  Finally the violent mob attempted to force their way into the Catholic Cathedral and let loose its destructive fury.  Young Catholics stood protecting the church and formed a peaceful human chain to prevent the profanation of the Cathedral.

The young Catholics prayed the rosary there and earned with that even more anger from the self-proclaimed "Battlers for Tolerance".  The feminist attackers smeared the faces and clothes of the Catholics with pain, which they humbly but undeservedly endured. (film report)

The left-extremist Church-haters could not get through the unit of young Catholics into the church,  still smeared the outer walls of the cathedral with slogans: "The only enlightening church is a burning church", "No God, no model, no husband", "Shit-church, you are a dictator".

The Bishop of Posada, Msgr Juan Ruben Martinze criticized the absence of the police, who did not comply to whose duty it is to keep order and offer protection.  The Bishop demanded prosecution for the aggression, which the young Catholics and the Church suffered.  Additionally he explained that the anti-Church hate slogans won't be removed for two days, so that the people could see them and think about them, about the methods and the level of their hatred for the Church.

Spain: Left-extremists attack Catholic School -- "We will burn the priests at the stake"

On October 17th 100 Left-extremists attempted to storm the Salesian Order operated Catholic school "Maria Auxiliadora" in Merida, Spain.  There are more than 1,100 students educated in the school.  The results are a few lightly wounded and damage from vandalism.

With flags and symbols of anarchistic and Left-extremist groups from the Spanish Civil War, youth attacked the school.  With loud speakers the attackers shouted anti-Church slogans:  "Where are the priests?  We want to burn them at the stake!", "More public schools, less crosses".  The faculty of the Catholic school were insulted wias "fascist whores".  Ten violent attackers managed to get into the school despite the efforts of teachers and security personnel.

The Salesians reported in complaints "against these violent groups", whose behavior "is unacceptable in a just country".  During the bloody Spanish Civil War (1936- 1939) the anti-Church groups murdered more than 4,000 priests, religious and Catholic laity because of their Faith.

Last August Left-extremists action group Pussy Riot desecrated the Russian Orthodox Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, which is the most important church of the Russian Orthodox, in order to promote their political ideas.  The feminists, who've never distanced themselves from their attacks, were condemned to two years in prison.  Of the three women, one was released from custody.  In the courts group memers entered with the symbols of the anti-Church popular front of the Spanish Civil War.  Various initiatives have been called for against the Russian group for their anti-Christian actions since the incarceration of Pussy Riot.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: UCCR/Libertad Digital
Translation to English: Tancred

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  2. The anticatholics in Spain attacked three schools the Maria Auxiliadora, St Eulalia and another one I think was an institute.
    They were led by comunist party leaders and three or four were arrested to be questioned and released with charges. You can see in this video of the Saint Eulalia attack that they were not that young and not just a few.
    or do a search in youtube under " Mérida: los huelguistas provocan incidentes en dos institutos "

  3. I saw some pictures here and there, but didn't see anything from TFP, thanks. And thanks for the update, msimonfe.

  4. Of course - the church is run by men who see women as baby factories only. Little different then other
    Ultra conservative churches all keep women as second or third class citizens eg catholic, right wing chrisitan, jewish orthodox etc

    and of course wont let women be religious leaders Shame on them