Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cardinal Rodé Exonerated by Paternity Test

At the end of August it was still maintained that the Slovenian-German Peter Stelzer was still the son of a Curial Cardinal.

( The Slovenian Curial Cardinal Franc Rodé (78) is not the father of Peter Stelzer (42), residing in Germany. This was reported on the website of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference yesterday.

It was jubilantly reported at the end of August in Germany that a Cardinal had a child with a living Slovenian woman.

The powerful media bosses in their bitter hatred of the Church, took this opportunity to besmirch the Church.

Yesterday, it came to light

A DNA test from the Institute for Legal Medicine at the University of Munich proved that the Cardinal is not the originator of the German Peter Stelzer.

This was according to an attorney for the Cardinal, Nina Zidar Klemencic, on Tuesday in Laibach.

The defamation is said to have injured the slandered Cardinal.

The Journalist has to pay

The slander was spread by an article in the Slovenian scandal sheet 'Delo'.

Stelzer's mother had clearly been involved with so many different men, that she didn't remember who the father of her son was in order to establish the paternity of her son at all.

According to reports from the District Attorney, Stelzer has been forgiven by Cardinal Rodé.

Now the Cardinal will sue the author of the slanderous article.

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