Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Attack on Pope Benedict XVI is Prevented -- Islamic Terror Cells Arrested in Lebanon

(Berlin)  As it has now been revealed, a planned Islamic terror attack upon Pope Benedict XVI had been planned during his Papal trip to Lebanon.  This was written on a site of the Shi'ite website close to Hezbollah.  The terror cells were arrested on September 16th on the last day of the Papal visit.

The Lebanese security service was able to locate and neturalize the terror group, according to the report from the Shi'ite news site Elnashira which is associated with Hezbollah,  which appeals to a "high-level  information source".  The attack is supposed to have been carried out by two cells, whose members were arrested in the early morning of the 16th of September by Anti-Terrorist units.  On Sunday Pope Benedict XVI celebrated a solemn Mass of departure for 350,000 faithful.

According to Elnashra the Lebanese security services held information, that terrorists clothed as security service officials would gain access to the area for the Papal Mass. The police employed an entire unit, in which the terrorists had infiltrated, near other armed units, but without live ammunition.  The internet site reported additionally that the Vatican security forces were immediately informed at the point of time which they were informed about the exact position of the anti-terrorist operations, but that the Pope in any case wanted no alteration of the program.

On Saturday, the 15th of September Pope Benedict XVI directed a dramatic appeal for peace to the world.  He demanded the building of a "culture of peace" and for the creation of a "new model of brotherhood".  The head of the Catholic Church demanded in addition a stop to every attack on human life.  On the following day, he is to have been murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Paroquia de Martins/Tempi
Translation: Tancred

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Geremia said...

His guardian angel was working overtime. ☺

Dan said...

Far be it from me to minimize any legitimate concern over our Holy Father's safety but I must say that this incident has a rather peculiar smell to it. Since Hezbollah was on record as helping to guard Pope Benedict during his visit to Lebanon it seems strange that they would at the same time be masterminding, or being complicit in, a personal attack on the Pope.

There are far too many false-flag incidents that have implicated Muslims, both the fanatical kind and the mild kind, that have been orchestrated by Washington and Tel Aviv through their myriad proxies to make me accept this story uncritically. I will be watching developments keenly.

Matthew Roth said...

Dan, I think Hezbollah-affiliated groups just revealed what they found out from the Lebanese security services.