Saturday, September 8, 2012

Swiss Pass Minaret Ban

In the beginning of April, the administrative tribunal of the canton of Bern concluded that a minaret is a symbolic structure that does not fit within the communal guidelines. It also put the opposers in the right, and forbade the construction of a 6 meter high minaret on the Islamic Cultural Center of Langenthal, in the canton of Bern.
On April 27, Daniel Kettiger—a lawyer for the Muslim community Xhamia and Langenthalit—specified in his statement that the community had promised to abandon the construction of the minaret if it did not fit within the framework of the local layout and if the judiciary authorities confirmed it.
The committee for the movement “Stopp Minarett Langenthal” cheered the decision of the Islamic community, which had obtained a building permit before the anti-minaret voting in November of 2009. For the committee, it marked the gratification of a six year struggle. In its statement, the committee emphasized the fact that a minaret is an Islamic symbol of political power. (Sources: apic/ats—DICI #259 of 10/08/12)

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