Wednesday, September 12, 2012

King Richard III Should be Reinterred According to the Roman Rite

Edit: He was Catholic after all. One correspondent writes about the possible discovery of the remains of King Richard III who fell defending his crown at Bosworth field.

We are also told by a reader that perhaps it could even be said in the Sarum Rite by his Lordship Bishop Conti.
I hope they'd do the decent thing, and let the Catholic church handle the remains. And Richard III I think has been treated unfairly by propagandists. I think the hatred mostly comes from a few powerful men who didn't want him to carry out what he had begun to set as a pattern: a preference for the poor, and growth of trade.
Here's the article from the Telegraph:
So Richard III’s body has (possibly) been found, and while he had scoliosis (a curvature of the spine), “the skeleton was not a hunchback". In your face, Tudor propaganda machine!
Well, perhaps it's him, and it's exciting news. The last Plantagenet still rather fascinates the public; the last English king to die in battle, he was one of Shakespeare’s greatest monsters – but there have always been questions about how bad he actually was. On the one hand he was cast by the Tudors as being a usurper, but, worse still, the killer of his two young nephews. (It is striking how, even in eras when violence was widespread, the murder of children still holds a particular horror. In the story of the last days of the Third Reich, as shown in Downfall and The Bunker, the Goebbels’ murders of their six children are still the most shocking scenes.)
But no one has ever successfully identified the bodies of the Princes in the Tower and many believe that Henry VII killed them. Certainly Henry and his son had no qualms about bumping off various relatives, the finale to a century and a half of fratricidal strife, although they tended to be adults. And Henry Tudor certainly gave the impression of believing young Edward and Richard to be dead.
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