Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grand Orient Mason Praises Departed Old Liberal Cardinal

Edit:  The Grand Orient Masonic Lodge is a symbol of the most vicious anti-Catholicism.  Their goal to eliminate the Catholic Church persists to this day, and their leader hails a man who in many of his public statements and actions, reflected their aims. These two men weren't just cordial acquaintances, but close associates and even collaborators with a common cause.    This is a Google translation from Cerca Nel Sito:

"A man of dialogue and deep culture, which has been able to speak to young people and was always open to discussion and change. A strong spirituality, great expression of the church-Word, that is, the 'kerygma' that is beyond structure and Convention " . Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, looking back at the Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, who died today at the age of 85 years. 
 "He believed in ecumenism and dialogue with civil society and with other religions starting from 'Judaism - Raffi continues - and will be missed by believers and non-believers his great humanity and an example of a reflection that addressed the major themes of human life. every occasion - said the Grand Master - has always been able to look at the other eyes, looking along the truth " .

Rome, the Villa Vascello August 31, 2012

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Pray for the Consecration of Russia said...

Judas Found Hanging In Tree
Satan praises Judas for the accomplishments of his short but highly successful career.


Of course the Mason would praise Martini. They were after all brothers in the craft. Martini and many others imposters in Rome. They are the "wolves" that the pope prayed that he would not out of fear flee.

Our Lady said that if the Consecration would not be made that Russia would spread it's errors throughout the world. Flooding our seminaries with Communist infiltrators after WWII is how they did it. Arguably it is the errors spread in the "spirit of Vatican II" of which she spoke.

The Bones said...

But remember folks, there is no masonic conspiracy against the Holy Church. No, siree!

Inquisitor said...

Further proof bogus ordo is a masonic ape church