Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Archbishop Müller Continues to Attack the SSPX

Faith Goat in the Glass House

It's not the Protestants, but the SSPX which are for him "so to say in schism"

With the naming of the Regensburg Ketzer Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Benedict XVI has sent a clear sign:  The declared Reform of the Reform was a diversionary maneuver  in order to fool Catholics. The Pope put the important posts in Old Liberal hands. -kreuznet [I don't necessarily support this position that the Holy Father has used Reform of the Reform to fool people, but I find it increasingly hard to deny it.]


 (  The faith goat of the Pope, Ketzer-Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has continued to slaver against the Society of St. Pius X.


\He gave an interview to Ingo Brüggenjürgen, the chief director of the Old Liberal, Cologne 'Domradio'.


Schidbauer oder Schmidburger? 


Brüggenjürgen posed a question about the Society, which portrayed his complete cluelessness as to what day it is.

In an interview "of Schmidbauer" he gave "harsh words" -- he made a fool of himself: "Will you excommunicate or something?"

There is no Schmidbauer in the Society.  It is also unclear what "harsh words" Brüggenjürgen supposed.

Perhaps he was reading from the most recent interview with Father Franz Schmidberger -- Mathematician and German District Superior of the Society.

In that he spoke in the margins and with great respect about the usual heresies of Msgr Müller.

What is "that"?

Msgr Müller clearly is unaware of the video.  After a short pause he continued to speak about it never the less.

Everyone "that reads"  can imagine for himself, how far "that" is from reality, he said out of the blue.

He wants to comment on "that" not "with the same words":  "I believe it's not worth the effort."

Father Schmidberger or others of his charges are not the judges in questions of the Faith -- he defended his heresies.

Heretic to Heretic

The Archbishop maintains that the Society has supposedly "distanced itself from the Church".

It even sits, "so to speak, in a glass house of schism".

One October 11, 2011, Msgr Müller had included the Protestagays, who deny the Papal and Episcopal office as well as the seven Sacraments and propagate abortion and homosexual-concubinage,  -- as a part of the Church.

He defends his own career

Finally, the careerist criticized the Society's critique of him on his promotion.

"If the Holy Father selects his immediate collaborators in the Dicasteries, then I believe that it is befitting that such people not criticize the decision of the Pope."

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John Chrysostem said...

Archbishop Müller Continues to be an Arrogant Apostate to The Faith.

Beware, Archbishop Müller that your skull does not become a paving stone.