Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Site Dedicated to Abbé Michel in Thieberville and His Apostolic Work

Edit: we found this on the Messa in Latino site and got an approximate google translation. The sites below are in French but boast beautiful photos and show the continuing work of this great priest. Thanks be to God!

 [MIL] Do you remember the heroic priest who opposed Thiberville with recourse to Rome (unfortunately lost in both instances) to his bishop Nouricchard that, under the pretext of uniting several parishes, also suppressed in that, with the double Rite (NO and EO) was the most popular and loved by the faithful and pious Catholics? Well, the good priest, who no longer has a parish but is one of the group related to the Parish of Thiberville, it has not been abandoned by his followers. Here you can find links to the site support Abbé Michel packed with news and photos of initiatives, including the Church of Folleville that has been "restored" and brought to the honor of the Catholic Rite by the indefatigable Abbé Michel, who in spite of everything, continues its defense of the rite of the Church, to celebrate coram Deo, and always wears cassock (which is very rare in France!).

 Thanks to a reader for the reporting of the site.

 And thanks to Abbé!

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