Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Oratory in Aufhausen Germany

Wherever the anti-Christian German Kirchensteuer-apparatus (Church-tax) can't budge it, there are even the fruits of Grace in Germany.

(  On the 15th of September the Vatican has erected the Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philipp Neri near the 1,700 population community of Aufhausen near Regensburg.

It is known as the the Society of the Brothers of the Precious Blood (FSS).

The new Oratory works together with the female Society the Servants of the Precious Blood (SAS).

Around these communities "A circle of friends of the Spiritual Family of the Precious Blood" has formed.

Already 12 Members

The Community counts at present twelve brothers: two priests, three theology students, four lay brothers and three candidates.

The two priests are Father Winfried Wermter and Father Piotr Lipinski.

After them are the clerics and lay brothers Frater Thomas Sedlmeier, Frater Marek Michna, Frater Josef Felder, Frater Marian Brodowksi and Frater Gunther Scheder who are members of the new Oratory.

There was an Oratory in Aufhausen once before

The Oratory in Aufhausen is a Congregation of Pontifical Right.

It is connected in its tradition to a community, founded in 1672 by the Pastor Johann Georg Seidenbusch in 1672 together with his assistant priests.

From that grew the first Oratory in the German speaking world.

Consecrated upon the title "Maria Schnee" [Snows of Mary] became a pilgrimage church.

The community wasn't nullified during the secularization of Bavaria and received the title "Royal Institute of Neri" (till 1829).

 The last provost died in 1886.

The old tradition is brought back to life

In 1890 the Benedictines from the Lower Bavarian cloister of Metten took over the empty buildings in 1890.

They established a new structure and a priory, which was given up in 1978 again.

Since 2006  the community of the Brothers of the Sacred Blood have lived in Aufhausen have well revivified the old tradition of the Oratory.

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