Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sympathizers of Moscow Cathedral Anarchists in Cologne Cathedral

On Sunday morning a masked group of three sympathizers disturbed services in the Cathedral of Cologne.  Already this Friday there were demonstrators in Vienna's Stepensdom holding high a banner.  

Cologne (  "Expressions of sympathy" for the anarchists in Moscow took place in Germany and Austria.  On Sunday morning a masked group of three supporters disturbed the church service in the cathedral.  At the beginning of the Eucharistic prayer, they stormed in after the offertory with colorful costumes towards the altar.  With prayer-like gestures and slogans they tried to disrupt the Eucharist.

It added that it took a few minutes before cathedral security could usher the two men aged 23 and 35 and a 20 year old woman outside.  Bishop Heiner Koch, who presided over the church remained standing at the altar during the disturbance.  He then explained that they are also concerned with the people in Russia and join them in prayer.  Above the main door of the cathedral there were three demonstrators who continued to protest with a banner which read "Free Pussy Riot".

As the Cologne police said on inquiry, there was a criminal complaint against the three disruptors for violation of the Assembly Act, tresspass and for disturbing religious worship.  Restraining orders against the three were also issued.  On Friday there were some sympathizers in Vienna Stepensdom as well who held up banners chants and slogans to disturb the church service, however, they were stopped quickly by the staff of St. Stephen's.

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Anonymous said...

Wrong church, wrong confession just religion...the real target.

The Strafgesetzbuch §167 provides for up to three years imprisonment.

Unlike the Moscow events, Frau Merkel has not yet deigned to comment on demos in Churches.

PS. The Police are obliged to charge..the church has no say as it is a criminal matter not a civil issue.

Interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Regarding pussy Riot. Take a look a this joke book about V. Putin purportedly written by his wife'

Tancred said...

A woman scorned...