Friday, August 31, 2012

Old Liberal Cardinal Martini Goes to His Judgement

Edit: Eternal rest grant upon him ... 

 Fox news coverage got most of the details. It's not to be liked that Fox insists on perpetuating this false notion that Pope Benedict's hierarchy is highly conservative. They must have a nefarious agenda, no doubt.

[Fox] Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, a rare liberal [sic] within the highly conservative Catholic Church hierarchy who was nevertheless long considered a papal contender in the last conclave, died Friday. He was 85.

Martini, a Jesuit and former archbishop of the important archdiocese of Milan, had been battling Parkinson's disease for several years. His death was announced by the Milan archdiocese, which said his condition had worsened Thursday evening.

Martini frequently voiced openness to divisive issues for the church, such as using condoms to fight HIV/AIDS, priestly celibacy and homosexuality, which, while not at odds with church teaching, nevertheless showed his progressive bent. He was an intellectual and a noted biblical scholar, yet he nevertheless was warm and personable and seemed to connect with his flock like few high-ranking prelates.
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Just passing through said...

Whoever wrote that has the most bizarre and contradictory thought process I have ever come across.

Aged parent said...

With his dying breaths Martini spouts off his banalities and stupidities regarding the Church he served so disgracefully. Like the degenerate Bernardin, who promoted the homosexual perversion right to his coffin, Martini uses his final interview to tell us the Church is "out of date",

What a tiresome final curtain line for this liberal nonentity.

Anonymous said...

Aged parent, I totally agree with you. In fact, official Italian freemasonry GOI reacted with much sorrow [,-addio-a-un-uomo-di-dialogo,-grande-espressione-della-chiesa-parola.aspx], and so did the 'older brothers' []

This can tell us how 'catholic' were his views. May God have mercy on his soul.