Friday, August 10, 2012

Irish Protestants Criticize Sinn Fein for Not Being Catholic Enough

Is Ian Paisley More Catholic than Sinn Fein?
Edit: Sinn Fein even silences its Pro-Life members.  It's well that Irish Protestants should point out a clear hypocrisy, since Sinn Fein relies, as do many leftist organizations, on its Catholic identity for financial and political support.

It's high time these parasites were taken to task.

Republicanism has always been an opponent of the Church, temporary alignments and ceasefires notwithstanding. 

From Ballymore Times:
THE Times has received a statement from the Independent Loyal Orange Institution. 
A spokesperson said: “The members of the Independent Loyal Orange Institution are surprised and puzzled by the recent statement in the press by Local MLA Daithi McKay with reference to the creationist exhibit at the Causeway Interpretative Centre at Bushmills. 
“Surely he who professes to be a democrat and whose party claims to be democratic cannot deny the ILOI, another democratic organisation with strong Christian beliefs, the right to lobby for what they and for that matter the RC church believe to be the truth

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