Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fr Hugh Thwaites RIP

Edit: it's very sad to see Father Hugh Thwaites SJ go, but there's great hope too.  He was a great son of St. Ignatius and an inspiring speaker and an authority on the demonic.

"When people want to know why God created the world, I can't think of a more plausible reason than Our Lady."

Thanks to Father Tim Finegan and Linen on the Hedgrow...also listen here to several of his talks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this video. I enjoyed it immensely.

Such a humble man. Everything he said was so true and he said it in such a humble, Catholic, priestly way. Rest in peace, Father Thwaite.

Geremia said...

In that video's description, he discusses Medjugorje. I wonder what he says about it.

Geremia said...

You can download audio from many of his talks here. I especially liked his reading of Pascendi. He also reads a catechism, Mortalium Animos, Humani Generis, and Mysterium Fidei.