Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flaming Bowl of Cheerios Protester Harassed to Death?

Edit: we are thinking about how various modes of self-expression are becoming increasingly prescribed.  A humdrum father of four and real-estate agent with some strong views regarding homosexuality is now dead.

While it brought a lot of attention to the fact that General Mills supports homosexuality and the continuing decline of our country, it was hard to tell what angle it came from.

The strongest response came from homosexuals and their immoderate supporters and continued even after the man died yesterday.

A few weeks ago, the alleged anti-homosexual protester appeared in front of one of Minnesota's most significant, powerful (and now insidious) corporations, General Mills.  The unscrupulous and unprincipled food giant has decided to come out campaigning for allowing legal marriages between people of the same sex.

At present, the Catholic Church in Minnesota and Archbishop Nienstedt, is campaigning on behalf of the Defense of Marriage Act Amendment, which is up for a plebiscite in the upcoming election. (The Archbishop seems also to be tolerating dissent and omission from various corners)

This poor gentleman may have been on the same sheet with Archbishop Nienstedt (or not) as far as his intentions went, but he put himself in the way of a lot of frankly vicious and terribly spiteful publicity when he attempted to light a box of Cherios cereal on fire, and fumbled, rather like Rip Taylor doing a comedy routine, fleeing like keystone cops with his son to his car for a quick getaway.

Since then, he's lost his job, the police were after him and he's lost his life.  Not sure how lighting a bowl of cereal on fire requires a police investigation, but that's the world we live in today.

The vindictiveness and pettiness of the response was all too familiar, but it seems that even the man's death, most likely as a the result of the official but petty bullying on the part of the police department and rabid denunciations from America's best and brightest, wasn't enough to silence the unfair and demonic outcries.

Still, even though the man is dead, the immoral ones see nothing wrong in continuing their jeering, check out the comments. Even Senator Michelle Bachman's appearance on the thread asking for calm didn't stop the intolerance, bigotry and hate.

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