Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Conciliar Church in the Grave

Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker
wears a white collar shirt.

© pdp Pressefoto Erzbistum Paderborn.
Is there another moral that applies in the Church for an unpaid adulteress catechist or nymphomaniac sextons?

(kreuz.net) In a Catholic church community in the Archdiocese of Paderborn there isn't just a sexton who is untrue to her man.

Actually that doesn't appear to have disturbed the parish federation director.

She was active in the community, emulating a priest for a short while.

Everything's fine

In the community there were various women who lived in adultery.

The adulteresses were recruited for the foot washing on Holy Thursday.

An adulteresses were employed as a catechist.  She had previously informed the parish federation director about her slovenly life.

Even once the opposite

It is strange that the pastoral league director had no problems dismissing  a parish administrator previously.

The reason:  She lived with a member of the parish community in public sin.

On the other hand the adulteress catechist was neither divorced, nor was she in education.

At the same time there is a different moral for paid employees than with unpaid adulteress catechists or nymphomaniacal sextons.

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