Friday, August 17, 2012

Archbishop Nienstedt Silences Modernist Benedictine?

Edit: Archbishop Nienstedt told the priests of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to remain silent if they had any reservations about his extensive efforts to protect marriage by encouraging Catholics to vote "yes" on the Protect Marriage Amendment in early January of this year.  He was especially concerned with the Monastery Gone Wild.  We were watching one priest to see whether he'd remain silent.  He didn't disappoint.

Father Tegeder Needs Haircut 
Mark N. Kartarik
This priest is one of the most vocal opponents of the Archbishop, the unteachable Father Mike Tegeder.   It was expected that he wouldn't be heard from in some quarters, but he managed to voice his dissenting opinions for the local art rag City Pages in June. He doesn't want Catholics to vote for the marriage amendment because, as Father Tegeder insists, defending marriage will lead to homosexuals being bullied.  We e-mailed the Archdiocese and have heard nothing back from them at this point as to what, if anything, they've done with this destructive priest.  Although he hasn't been heard from since then, it would be encouraging if he were laicized and sent packing without any benefits like a lot of traditionalist priests were treated throughout the years.

Meanwhile, in central Minnesota at the Modernist Benedictine Monastery in Collegeville, which houses  a cast of free range sexual predators and other deviants, the infamous Father Bob Pierson feels free to speak his mind.  But something has apparently been done with regard to the habitual dissident.  He has been silenced, he claims.

He is currently the Guest Master at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota and attempted to host a gay naked retreat with guru.  It was cancelled.

Father Pierson, in addition to his penchant for nude gurus, has a Facebook relationship with another dissident silenced by the Archdiocese, Lucinda Naylor, who was terminated as "artist" in residence at the Basilica of St. Mary's in downtown Minneapolis by Archbishop Nienstedt's direct intervention and attempted to create a piece of modern sculpture out of DVDs of the Archbishop's talk, defending marriage.   Miss Naylor asked the Modernist Monk about his situation, and he wrote about how the Archbishop responded to his public statement as part of the decrepit CALGM:

Dear Lucinda: That sounds great! Thanks for your words of support. Yesterday I finally heard from Archbishop Nienstedt. “He is not amused.” In fact, I no longer have permission to minister anywhere in the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis. Abbot John is supportive of me, but wants me to avoid any more public talks. The amount of negative publicity has been over-whelming. These rightwing Catholics are a really vicious bunch of people. Anyway, in August I am free on August 7, 14, 15, 28, 29,& 30. I hope one of those dates works with Dale’s calendar. He and I have met briefly before, but it will be good to visit over dinner, and wonderful to be with you and Maura as well. THANKS for the invitation. Blessings!

Father Pierson is positively livid and has some choice words of his own to describe those who take issue with his habitude disobedience.

So far nothing has surprised me except for the vehemence of some very nasty “right wing nuts” as I like to call them. Very unchristian in their words. I am around all of October, though I do have commitments from October 4 to 7 and again on the weekend of October 19-21. Blessings!

Unfortunately, Collegeville is still what it is.  Moreover, they will not support the Archbishops' effort to defend marriage and seem more eager to thwart it and treat him with disrespect for simply doing his job.


Jack said...

Two things:

1. Should an Archbishop or Priest tell his faithful how to vote in a civil election? It's even against canon law to make compacts or tell others how to vote in a papal election.

2. So what if this priest monk does have long hair? It's customary for monks of Eastern Churches to do so.

Tancred said...

Jack, in answer to #1. Yes. #2. Why doesn't he go work for them then?

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hmmmmm. I think Father Pierson is a tad light in the loafers.

Dan said...

Isn't professional troll Jack just a delight to read? You can always count on Jack to use his impressive lack of historical perspective and interject his thoughts into the blogosphere.

After having bored to tears the readers of one popular blogsite Jack has now moved on to the Eponymous Flower. I don't envy you the privilege.

servo said...

Jack, Jack, Jack...the East isn't the entire Church.

Anonymous said...

This Modernist Monastery should be de-consecrated, the structure burned to the ground and the land salted...

Anonymous said...

Miss thing with that long 1969 1970 looking hair is so uncool man.

Anonymous said...

The power is in he hands of the Bishop. His priests and those under his jurisdiction must obey, period.

Tancred said...

They often don't obey him, but unlike previous Bishops, he actually does step in and take control of situations.

For example, two years ago, the Basilica allowed a Liberal Rabbi to come and give the Sermon for Good Friday "Liturgy". Although the Basilica had women engaged in foot washing, they didn't have that same abuse last year.

Also, whenever someone complains about homosexual activist Lucinda Naylor's "Stations of the Cross" hanging up in the Basilica, they take them down. Of course, they wait a few months before they put them back up again, but it's a process, I suppose.