Thursday, July 26, 2012

Randy Engel: Systematic Tolerance for Evil Among the Bishops

Edit: salus on fisheaters cited the following sober comment from Randy Engel at  in a comment on an article posted there from Les Femmes.  It describes a situation familiar to most people living in mostly large metropolitan Diocese, like Sydney, Westminster, New York City, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and others where departures from the norm are tolerated and cultivated.  Complaints to the local ordinary are often ignored, complaints to Rome about these festering locales also seem to have fallen on deaf ears.
randyengel says:
 July 26, 2012 at 4:26 PM Based on my years of research on the Homosexual Network, it appears that AmChurch, with the approval or tacit agreement of the Vatican, has cut a deal with the U.S. “gay” leadership. The agreement provides large metropolitan areas with homosexual/lesbian/transgender/bisexual/pederast parishes to colonize and call their own, aka, Most Holy Redeemer in the Castro in San Francisco and St. Xavier Parish in Manhattan, the latter called one of the greatest churches in the world, that’s right, “the world” by homosexual Cardinal Egan when the church was rededicated a few years back. Countless letters of complaint have been sent to Rome concerning the sodomite activities at these churches, some Catholics even managing to fly over with suitcases of “evidence,” but to no avail. The fix is in. Catholics should not plan on a decline of clerical pederast crimes any time soon for the history of homosexuality has always been tied to pederasty. Catholics who do not have the guts to speak up, and withdraw their financial support from any diocese sporting a homo parish should simply shut up and get out of the way of Catholics willing to do battle for God, family, and country.
Randy Engel, author, The Rite of Sodomy
 In the meantime, Voris talks about the continuing hostility from elements in the Church, affiliated with the above mentioned deviance where he talks about "Killing Traditional Catholics".
"Faithful, orthodox Catholics who try to be faithful to the Pope and the Magisterium are under attack from within the Church."
He identifies the problem that lies with the unwillingness of allegedly conservative prelates to condemn any departures from Catholic teaching, and even to punish those who are faithful to it. 

Have, as Voris says, over 90% of Catholics throughout the world have given up the Catholic Faith?

If it is true, it's because the Bishops have stopped talking about the truths of the Catholic Faith, particularly as regards sexual morality.

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