Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is Holland's Liturgical Winter at an End?

(The Haag)  In the Netherlands the Latin Mass is drawing future priests.  Already in April 2011 the blog "Paix Liturique" asked if the "Long Dutch Winter Was at an End".  The reason for that was the readiness of the Rector of the Seminary of the Diocese of s'Hertogenbosch (Herzogenbusch) to faithfully and fully implement the Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI.  Since then the German Canon Lawyer, Gero Weishaupt, has been celebrating three times a week the Holy Mass in the classical form. [For obvious reasons we prefer to call it what it is, The Immemorial, our point of departure to heaven]  All seminarians are free to participate.  This is so that the outgoing new priest is made familiar with the Old Rite.

The seminary of the Diocese of s'Hertogenbosch has since 1987 been revitalized from the desolate situation of the Catholic Church and its priestly formation, to promote in the Netherlands a faithful and Rome true movement.

As blogger Mark de Vries reports, at the beginning of June in the cathedral of s'Hertogenbosch, of the two of the nine new priests in the 9 who were ordained for Holland: Patrick Kuis and Geoffry de Jong.  Both are through their education, made familiar with the Old Mass at Sint-Janscentrum.  Patrick Kuis , 27 years old, celebrated his first Sacrifice of the Mass with a pontifical Mass in Amsterdam's St. Agnes Church at which the Society of St. Peter is active.

A sign that the Old Mass has a rising influence on priestly formation and radiating also upon the once so modernistic Dutch seminarians, priestly candidates and new priests.

The documentation by Paix Liturgique of 2011 about the liturgical situation in the Netherlands is still available on the internet.

Translated Katholisches by Tancred
Text: Riposte Catholique/Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Riposte Catholique


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news. Hopefully this will result in grace to speak up for the Faith and fight the Modernist errors because it isn't just the Mass. They must also "Fight for Faith!"
That would be to fight for THE Faith, not the false faiths of heretics or Hinduism, Muhammudism, Buddhism, Paganism and other religions of Satan.

Unknown said...

This is indeed wonderful. Over the past year or so I have seen a few other reports of good things being celebrated for and by Dutch Catholics in a country that five years ago had pretty much gone to the dogs.

Now we gotta get those Belgians in order.

Micha Elyi said...

It's 'Den Haag' or 'The Hague', never 'The Haag'.